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God dares us to test Him in this. Are you willing?

There's a passage of scripture where God invites us to test Him. It's the only place we are given permission to test God. I read this as a dare from God. And the one thing I know for certain about God is that He stands faithful to His Word. He can't lie and He will never fail us. We are entering a season of commercialism, materialism, and temptation to overextend and overspend. I'm entering a season of simplifying as God invites our family into going "all in" with Him. Join me for the rest of today's post where I share a story of how we've seen God move in just the last week alone.

Do I give sacrificially?

Today I'm sharing a video our church made of our testimony. God is so faithful. He's never failed us and He never will. He continues to stir our hearts to simplify, declutter, and live free in Him. Our prayer is to be a funnel of blessing He can flow through.

22 Ways to simplify, declutter, & organize your life

My soul tells me when something needs to change. Often it's a matter of too much stuff, clutter, noise, or busy schedule. I'm finding a key to a quiet soul is in learning to live a life of simplicity, free of clutter and distraction. Join me for 22 ways I'm moving towards a simpler, more organized, and less cluttered life, home, and mind.

When You Are Ready To Quit

When margin narrows and white space is erased, it's easy to want to quit. These are the times I look for every excuse to bail. These are the moments I question if I actually heard God right or I wonder if He changed His mind about what I heard. Maybe you can relate?

Who's Stealing Your Joy?

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing…

When the Seasons Change. And When They Stay Too Long.

This is what I posted on Instagram last week that was too long to elaborate. "Today God showed me something about myself. I was startled when I heard Him. He’s gentle when He speaks, but the blow of His words still stung. - It’s far too long for Insta. It’s more of a blog post. But for the first time in 10 years I truly can’t find time to write. I’m sure eventually it will be a post. - And so I moan to God about that. - And He shows me something else. - Everywhere I turned I saw green grass, trees, plants. And I felt Him say “You noticed all of this after coming out of the winter season. You were grateful for the gift of color again. But now you are used to seeing it so you fail to notice what you first adored.” - Well, I am speechless. He is God. And I’m ever aware of His mercy and grace. - And all I want is to sit in His Presence." I made time to write. Or shall I say, God gifted me time to write. So here's the full story. Join me for the rest of today's post.