When death and life happened at the same time

Sometimes death and life happen side by side. The mix of emotions is complex. I’m learning to hold hands with Jesus as I walk the road of learning to grieve what’s been lost while opening my hands to what is being born simultaneously.

How a simple song can shift everything

When I hear God I seem to hear God the clearest when I’m in the shower or on a run. Maybe because I can’t multitask or fall into distraction with the ding of the phone or the hum of life. On one particular day, I lingered in the shower as the Lord dropped in my […]

When Your Child Tells You He Wants To Be In Control Of His Life

When he asked the question, I started to chuckle. Until I felt the Lord gently tap my arm. “You ask me this too. It just sounds different.”

A generation screened to death

A wicked scheme is being played against your kids. Its goal is to addict them and to make you blind to what is happening. When we know something, we can’t un-know it. It’s time as parents we stop allowing our kids to be the victims of a generation screened to death.

Does God even hear my prayers? Will this ever happen?

It’s tempting to give up on our prayers. Or to believe God doesn’t care or even hear us. I found a key scripture that encouraged me to never give up on my prayers. Join me for today’s full post.

Scrolling through life – Are we living distracted by screens or focused on life?

How often do I reach for my phone out of boredom, looking for that next hit of entertainment or distraction?

How often do I reach for my phone for the high of escape?

When I don’t feel like listening to one more complaint or argument, I pick it up.

We desire intentional living, but you wouldn’t know from our habits. So we have a choice to make. Will we choose to live life on purpose? Or will we scroll through life instead, missing out on what we may never know we are missing?

Join me for a post that I hope challenges you as it has me to re-evaluate my screen habits.