Who to follow? Don’t conform. Calm down.

When the majority of the world goes a certain direction, believes a particular belief, or shares a common fear, it’s often an indicator not to follow. The masses rarely follow God together. I saw a comment on a thread asking why God gives prophetic dreams to some people and wondering how we can believe them […]

On Paul, Philippians, & Perspective. On Goals, Stand Firm, & Agree.

Recently, I read through the book of Philippians. What a powerful book. Today I’m sharing posts I shared on social media each day God showed me something in Paul’s letters. “not being frightened in any way by your opponents. This is a sign of destruction for them, but of your deliverance- and this is from […]

On endurance, patience, and joy

I’ve been known to walk into a store and feel evil in the air. It’s weird and my family laughs, but it’s real and I tangibly feel the need to turn and run. Usually I’ll look around and see new age and occult materials and realize the source of the evil I feel. I’m incredibly […]

Killing Entangling Sins & Invading Weeds

Andrew and I tackled our side yard yesterday. The idea was to pull a few weeds. We knew what we were looking for. It’s a weed that loves our yard, grows tall and spiky, but with shallow roots. Pulling this weed type is fully satisfying because it takes little effort to root that thing right […]

A safer alternative to a smartphone but with the same look

You know I’m passionate about protecting our kids from screen addiction, cyber bullying, and unsafe content online. I’m not a fan of $1,000 smartphones in the hands of kids for so many reasons. But have you ever looked for a phone for your kid that actually has their safety in mind? If not, try it! We’ve owned 2 flip phones, but even those don’t protect kids. So the day I discovered this phone I bought it instantly. And I’m in love!!! Join me for today’s post where I share all the things I love about this phone, what I love that it DOESN’T have, and a special promo code just for my blog readers!

Defending the Truth, Offenses, Divisiveness, oh my!!!! And the coming day!

Let’s chat about offenses, divisiveness, the moral decline of our world, AND our hope for the day to come. Join me for today’s post and let’s hold all of these with open hands to God.