Eternally Wanderlusting – Planning the trip of your life.

What if by living our best life now, we are missing out? What if we are so focused on building and creating an amazing life, home, travel, retirement, etc that we are 100% missing what the Lord really has for us? One year ago the Lord whispered something to me that stopped me in the middle of making up my bed during my morning routine. I stood straight up as His voice was so clear. A year later, I’ve completely changed how I view this life and this world. He reminded me of something He showed me seven years ago and now is ready for me to take seriously. Join me for today’s post. I hope the Lord stirs up something in your heart too.

The End of a Season Means the Beginning of Another

Do you find yourself at the end of a season? How does it make you feel? The mixture of emotions can take us by surprise when we sense a season ending. But God is a good God. He is a Creator by nature and He is in the business of creating new seasons. When we come to the end of one season, it signals He is preparing us to take hold of a new season. May we enter with open hands. Join me today as I reflect on the change of season I find myself in today.

The best inheritance

You hear stories of a loved one passing away, the will being read, disgruntled relatives fighting over inheritance expectations and rights. It destroys relationships. We are so self-focused we believe we are “owed” something in this life. We spend our earthly lives building our kingdom here. Contrast this with God’s words to the Levitical priests […]

The Blessed Warning

We stopped at the guard shack before starting our Arizona hike. The kind couple working the gate was a wealth of knowledge. Their love for their jobs was apparent in how careful they were to inform us of all the interesting wildlife and vegetation we should expect to encounter. As the sweet lady completed highlighting […]

Silent Saturday Speaks

Jesus was crucified on Friday and resurrected on Sunday. But Saturday happened too. On this side of the resurrection 2000 years later, we can rest on Saturday because Sunday happened. On Good Friday we rejoice because Sunday is coming. But His mother and disciples who lived on the day of waiting before Sunday arose. What […]