One blip of a moment that showed why simple traditions matter

Isn’t it amazing how a single conversation, sentence, or moment can become such a beautiful turning point in your life? I’m sharing a story I shared 8 years ago but it’s worth repeating. It was foundational to creating a vision for our family when we didn’t even have kids yet. Looking back I’m so grateful for that moment 19 years ago. I had a conversation with one of my teens recently that brought this story back to mind. Join me for the rest of today’s post.

How to move from burned out to renewed energy

Are you burned out? Exhausted? Tired of the constant stream of information and the hum of social media? Worn out from everyday living? Soul heavy? Me too. So much so I cried out to God and He whispered back. He gave me the first step to finding rest. After I took the first step, He began speaking.

When I’m overwhelmed, I begin to shut down. I want to run away and hide. There’s a story in the Bible of a prophet who found himself exhausted and scared. He ran away to hide in a cave. I crave the cave. My soul wasn’t meant to carry all it absorbs each day. And when I don’t care for it well, I respond in flight.

As I hid in my cave, I wrote this post to share with you. As I wrote, God showed me what my soul needed most. Join me if you could use some encouragement for the journey you are on.

Today I say goodbye to a dream

I made the decision weeks ago, but I cried this morning as I wrote my blog post. Dreams are deeply personal. And when we are courageous enough to follow them, we expose our heart to a variety of feels. Today I say goodbye to dream and I process how I feel about this. Join me for today’s post.

My job is not to make my kid’s struggle easier.

It’s tempting to rescue our kids from their struggle. We want to make the path smooth when what we should be doing is stepping back and praying their feet are toughened as they walk the rocky path and learn to trust in Christ alone to guide them. The worst parenting mistake I can make is the one where I elbow Christ out of the way and tell Him I’ll make everything the way I think it should be for my kid.

I wrote a post 7 years ago titled The Struggle with Struggle. A tree gains strength and endurance from the wind it’s exposed to. The same is true in our lives and those of our kids. It’s time we stop rescuing our kids and let those winds blow.

Join me for today’s post.

Books I’ve Read in 2019

  I should really become more systematic with sharing posts about what I’ve read and am reading. It’s far too sporadic. Nonetheless, here’s a few books I’ve read since my last post Books I’ve Read This Year and Why We Read Aloud.   Personal Growth/Non-Fiction/Christian Living Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf It’s […]

Which are you trusting more? Your faith or your fear?

We may not realize it, but we are making a choice in what we are trusting. Are we placing our faith in our faith? Or are we placing our faith in our fears? One way or another we have faith. It’s just a matter of where we place the faith. A divide exists between faith and fear. We stand in the space between the two and choose which direction to face. It doesn’t mean we won’t be scared. Read today’s post to determine where you stand in the space between faith and fear.