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We are hosting Viktors for 4 weeks.  He is an 11-year-old orphan from Latvia.  After having him in our home for 4 weeks, I’m convinced this child would thrive in a loving family.  He is strong and resilient, yet tender and loving. He is affectionate and responds so well when he trusts you, which doesn’t take long.  He bonds easily.  He is laid back and easy-going.  He is available for adoption from Latvia, able to be separated from his brothers if he chooses.

I’m asking for 2 things:

1-Pray for this child to find his forever family.  Fast.

2-Send this to everyone you know.  You may not be interested in adoption and think that no one on your contact list is.  But you don’t know who they know that might be interested.


11 years old

Youngest of 3 brothers (one is 18 and one is almost 16)

In orphanage for 4 years (according to him)

Great self-control:  When my boys aggravate he can hold back

Sweetest smile, always happy


Athletic-loves all sports, picks up new sports easily

All boy-loves bikes, motorcycles, sports cars, etc

Speaks 3 languages: Russian, Latvian, some English

Very bright

Seems to be self motivated

Calm and even-tempered

Social-loves to spend time with people, opens up to new people very quickly, enjoys when we spend time with family friends

Plays and interacts well with kids of all ages and genders


Observant-takes everything in.

Easy going and laid back

Obeys well and takes instruction well (after breakthrough period, which was SO INCREDIBLY MILD)

Considerate of others, aware of others

I could go on and on about this child.  I loved him before he physically entered our lives.  I loved him the moment I laid eyes on him.  He will always hold a place in my heart.  The time we had with him truly blessed our family.

This boy just doesn’t seem like your typical orphan child.  He had some of the orphan behaviors at the beginning, but so mild compared to some children.  The amazing thing about this boy is that 3 weeks of time and love pretty much erased those behavior patterns.  I know they will return when he returns to Latvia.  But the point is that in a loving family environment, he would develop into quite a young man.  And it wouldn’t take long.

Something that really struck me about Viktors is how easily he could bond and how affectionate he could be.  He never pulled back when we would touch him or hug him.  He is so open to love.

Our hearts desire is to see Viktors placed in a family that will love and cherish him.  We want to see him provided with opportunities to thrive.  I know God has a plan for him and we are trusting in God’s perfect timing.

If you have enjoyed this journey with us, I humbly ask you for one thing.  To pray and share this post with everyone you know.

Viktors leaves us Saturday morning.  We will miss him immensely.

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  1. Courtney Leach
    Courtney Leach says:

    We adopted our son Reese and it’s been an amazing experience for our family! I hope this sweet child receives his forever family very soon. Renee, your family is so kind to have shown him the love of a family, you are certainly an inspiration to all of the people that follow your blog!

  2. Renee Robinson
    Renee Robinson says:

    Wow, Courtney. Thank you for sharing and for your sweet encouragement! I am in constant prayer that Viktors finds his forever family. Every child deserves the love of a family. I know God is going to do something amazing in his little life!!

  3. Renee Robinson
    Renee Robinson says:

    He has not been adopted yet. We hosted him through an orphan hosting program, New Horizons for Children. He lives in an orphanage in Latvia currently. We are praying he gets adopted soon!

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