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How do you handle when someone else gets what you want?

Have you worked so hard on a project only to watch someone else receive credit for the work hours you labored through?

Have you watched a co-worker receive a promotion you felt was undeserved? Maybe you wonder if the powers in charge realize how much time she wastes on Facebook on company time?

Jealousy and bitterness begin to grow.

I heard this quote recently. “Are you getting better or bitter?” Have you ever seen someone overcome by a life of bitterness? It’s not pretty. Join me for a story of a time God showed me how to step out of this cycle.

How a simple song can shift everything

When I hear God I seem to hear God the clearest when I’m in the shower or on a run. Maybe because I can’t multitask or fall into distraction with the ding of the phone or the hum of life. On one particular day, I lingered in the shower as the Lord dropped in my […]

Scrolling through life – Are we living distracted by screens or focused on life?

How often do I reach for my phone out of boredom, looking for that next hit of entertainment or distraction?

How often do I reach for my phone for the high of escape?

When I don’t feel like listening to one more complaint or argument, I pick it up.

We desire intentional living, but you wouldn’t know from our habits. So we have a choice to make. Will we choose to live life on purpose? Or will we scroll through life instead, missing out on what we may never know we are missing?

Join me for a post that I hope challenges you as it has me to re-evaluate my screen habits.