An update on where you will hear from me from

I’ve written on WordPress since Andrew was born- 15 years! Blogging has my heart. When my babies were babies, I avoided social media because I wanted to be fully present. They’d go to bed, and I would read blogs and write my own. It was a way to keep our families updated on our lives. Surprisingly, God birthed a writing ministry. I’m still in awe of what He’s done. It’s amazing.

Connecting with my readers is what I desire. WordPress doesn’t create the community I long for. Some of you have been here with me for over a decade. I love you!!

In addition to the lack of community, for over a decade I’ve spent a minimum of $75 a month just to be able to write to you. Hosting a website and using mailchimp has cost a lot. But it’s a calling.

I’m moving over to Substack. I’ve migrated my email list over. So if you are an email subscriber, you will receive my posts via Substack. If you don’t want to stay, you are free to unsubscribe. I hope you stay.

I’ll be offering both free and paid subscriptions. When you receive my first post, you will see what you have to look forward to.

I’m really excited. I have so many writing ideas and plans.

I hope you stay with me on Substack!