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Who to follow? Don’t conform. Calm down.

When the majority of the world goes a certain direction, believes a particular belief, or shares a common fear, it’s often an indicator not to follow. The masses rarely follow God together. I saw a comment on a thread asking why God gives prophetic dreams to some people and wondering how we can believe them […]

On endurance, patience, and joy

I’ve been known to walk into a store and feel evil in the air. It’s weird and my family laughs, but it’s real and I tangibly feel the need to turn and run. Usually I’ll look around and see new age and occult materials and realize the source of the evil I feel. I’m incredibly […]

Killing Entangling Sins & Invading Weeds

Andrew and I tackled our side yard yesterday. The idea was to pull a few weeds. We knew what we were looking for. It’s a weed that loves our yard, grows tall and spiky, but with shallow roots. Pulling this weed type is fully satisfying because it takes little effort to root that thing right […]

A safer alternative to a smartphone but with the same look

You know I’m passionate about protecting our kids from screen addiction, cyber bullying, and unsafe content online. I’m not a fan of $1,000 smartphones in the hands of kids for so many reasons. But have you ever looked for a phone for your kid that actually has their safety in mind? If not, try it! We’ve owned 2 flip phones, but even those don’t protect kids. So the day I discovered this phone I bought it instantly. And I’m in love!!! Join me for today’s post where I share all the things I love about this phone, what I love that it DOESN’T have, and a special promo code just for my blog readers!

Is Silence Really a Bad Thing?

  Catchy phrases that rhyme don’t make them true. I’ve seen this one quite a bit lately “Silence=Violence”. Well, that’s simply not true no matter how cute it sounds. The word silence has drawn my attention the past few days. I’ve held close to my heart the scripture from Ecclesiastes 3:7 that tells us there’s […]