Day 7: A Week Really?


The fastest week.  The most exhausting week.  The most emotionally draining week.  The most joy-filled week.  A roller coaster of a week.

Has it really been 7 days already?  Was it really this time last week that we were giddy with excitement, barely able to contain ourselves, as we waited to get to know this child we had been praying for.

Was it really only 1 week ago that we hugged him for the first time?
This experience has drawn our family closer together.  Intentional times are being created in an effort to love this child, yet it is benefitting our entire family.  We are more connected with each other than ever before.

We chose to host an orphan so that we could bless a child in need.  Yet he is blessing us.  Through our interactions with him, we are seeing so far beyond ourselves.

But this hosting.  It’s harder than we ever imagined.  Not because of Viktors, but because a hurt child simply won’t and can’t respond logically the way you think he should.  This is not for the faint of heart.  It is hard.  Very hard.  But beautiful, so very, very beautiful.

We struggle moment by moment questioning if we are doing this right.  Are we doing it the way he needs it done.  At the end of the day we rest in knowing that we might not be doing it right, but it must be better than what he gets typically.  And he is covered in prayer right now.  And prayer changes everything.

Merry Christmas.  I wish you a beautiful Christmas with your families!  Create moments that won’t get discarded to the trash on the 26th!