The Unseen Series -Because we were made for more than a like


Last year I wrote thousands upon thousands of words for a message God laid heavily on my heart.  While God opened many doors in my ministry, the door to publish this book did not open.

This message still stirs in my soul. It just won’t rest.

Because I have thousands of words stored on my computer, and God continues to nudge me to share them, and He hasn’t opened the door to print them in a book, I am sharing some of them here through the door He has opened. To you.

I pray you will clearly see the Unseen in the midst of a highly visual world.

In a social media age, where more is shared than ever before and our desire to be seen is greater than ever, our hearts hold deep desires we temporarily feed that can only be fully satisfied by God, the unseen in a highly seen world.

We are living in a world where we all have something to say and stay constantly connected to hundreds of friends at the touch of a finger, yet many women feel lonelier than ever before.

Social media has changed the game. While social media is fun and offers some wonderful and positive benefits, something slips into our hearts in disguise. Discontentment, insecurity, doubt, and jealousy. It attempts to steal our joy, rob us of soul rest, and diminish our purpose.

Each of us has deep heart desires. Longings that were created in us by a God who waits to fill every empty place in our heart. Our plugged in hearts are tempted to seek filling through social media interactions, which offer immediate gratification.

Plugging in online temporarily feeds our desires, but it leaves us wanting more. The likes satisfy for a moment but leave us parched.

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We struggle with comparing ourselves to the woman next door. Now we have thousands at the touch of a screen we are silently competing against in our own heart and mind. It’s a silent game we play in our head. We don’t seek to knock the other out in the online arena. We just want to know that we are seen too. We are known. We are loved. We have a purpose.

Our natural tendency is to let our eyes direct our thought life. God knows this, which is why He instructs us to fix our eyes on the Unseen, on what is eternal and not temporal.

Where we fix our eyes will influence our mind.

I want to offer a new perspective. One where we learn to fix our eyes by changing how we think and respond in an online world.

The online social media world increases our self-focus and magnifies our hidden insecurities. Fulfillment of our deepest longings happens when we take the focus off of ourselves and put it wholly on God. And we don’t have to disengage online to do this.

It’s learning how to plug into the Unseen.

I hope you stick around through this series to explore with me the desires we have and how to find full satisfaction in Him. I will still continue writing on other topics as well.

This page will also serve as a landing page for all future parts of this series.

Please invite your friends to join us as we explore together through this series. I pray this is a conversation we can open up and discuss together.

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