The Vision I Received Before Haiti



The Sunday before we left for Haiti, I was deeply moved during one of the worship songs. I bowed my head to pray and felt tears burning to escape. I opened my eyes slightly to release the pressure and felt the tears sliding down my cheeks. That’s when I saw this image of the eyes of Jesus. I squinted my eyes to see further into my mind’s eye. The eyes were deep, intense and staring hard into me. As if right into my soul.

I wanted to look away from this look that was intimate and knowing in a way I’ve never experienced. But I couldn’t look away. My eyes focused on the image in my mind. These burning eyes.

Then it was gone. And I knew I had just experienced Jesus in a way I had never experienced Him before. I had no idea what that look meant, what that image of His eyes given to me purposed.




4 days later we arrived in Haiti. After a full day of travel, we hopped on a bus for a 4 hour drive up into the region of Cathor. The drive through Port-Au-Prince was shocking. I’d never seen anything like it in my life. Finally through the city we continued the journey through more isolated and remote areas.

Children would catch sight of our bus, see our white skin, eyes lit up, they pointed calling out, “Blan!!! Blan!!!” “White, White!”

Their smiles. Oh their smiles. The smiles transformed their faces. And their eyes. Some of those eyes held words lacking a voice. Many eyes I met along that road began to pierce my heart.

The tears began to burn behind my lids again. I felt the pressure. I swallowed hard. The looks in these eyes all held something so….familiar, something so identical. They mirrored the eyes of Jesus that bore into my soul only days before.

My throat caught. I saw Jesus in their eyes. Maybe they knew Him, maybe they didn’t. But He knew them and was looking straight into my soul through their eyes.

It wasn’t just the eyes of the children. Even more knowing was the look in the eyes of the Haitian adults. Piercing at times. God was speaking to me through the eyes of the ones He loves.




In a post coming soon, you will see why He spoke to me through the eyes. So that I wouldn’t miss what He had in store.


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