In a Moment

These little faces…inspire me….daily.

These little faces bring both joy and heartache.  These little eyes watch me try hard and fail more often than I’d like.

These little gifts from God, each so completely different, force me to my knees daily.  Because when I look into these sweet little faces, I see innocence.  I see life.  I see faith.  I see love.  I see determination.  I see conviction.  I see repentance.  And I don’t want to mess it up.

I don’t want to miss a moment.  Because in a moment….it will be gone.  A moment is fleeting.  Hold each one closely.

So the next time your little one wants your attention, and you find yourself on the verge of saying, “In a moment,”  choose instead to grab that moment while it’s there for the taking.

Click this link for a wonderful reminder to “slow down before today becomes our yesterday”.