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What Really Happens When We Flatter Our Friends on Social Media

Proverbs 29:5 A man who flatters his neighbor is spreading a net for his steps. A friend does something nice for someone. It is posted on social media for the world to see. The “likes” abound. The flattery rains down. The person doing the nice deed is covered in praise and adoration. At first glance […]

The Election Is Over, Now What?

I have no idea what God is doing nor will I even attempt to understand His ways and His plans. But watching the coverage of the Presidential election left me humbled. God did what the world thought was impossible. How. like. God. How like God to take an unlikely and move a nation. Don’t we […]

Because I love you I’m going to say this to you.

Hearing the truth isn’t easy. Sometimes the truth stings, burns, and hurts deeply. Sometimes before healing begins, truth must enter the wound first. The wound is already there. The truth doesn’t inflict the wound, but the wound is secretly infected. So the truth must enter and purge out the bacteria. The purifying burns. What I’m […]

Why Our Family Doesn’t Celebrate Halloween

Today’s post is not for everyone. I’m writing with a very particular reader in mind- the parent who feels unsettled about celebrating Halloween and is looking to hear from others on the topic. If you love Halloween and have no conviction and have decided there is nothing wrong with Halloween, today’s post is not for […]