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I’m so fearful to share this with you, so here goes!

My face still flushes when I remember the story I share with you today. The best way to overcome embarrassment is to expose yourself to it, right? I think the same is true with fear. I’m sharing something with you today I’ve wanted to share for quite some time. But I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll fail and be humiliated right in front of your eyes.

At the same time, if you are a reader here, we’ve grown a trust between us. You are a close community to me, and I feel I can expose my heart to you. I trust you will hold it with tender care. So thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable with you.

Join me for today’s post. I have a story to share that will give you a chuckle and an announcement to make which I’m holding my breath until you’ve finished reading.

About disappointment and the moment that almost was

Some moments in life are right there. Right within our reach. We see it, we are touching it. It’s almost….then it’s gone. And like that it’s gone before we ever held it. Or we held for a moment, only to have to release it before it belonged fully to us.

How do you handle the disappointments in life? And there are many. Today I share a story of a trivial disappointment the Lord used to reveal to me the deeper moments I have walked through and will walk through. Join me for today’s post.

Before Mother’s Day arrives try adjusting your expectations

It’s hard to stay in our own lanes these days isn’t it? The other lane is before our eyes all day long. We have to choose how we view that lane because the reality is, we can’t focus on our lane only.

At the intersection of expectations and reality can be disappointment depending on our perspective and perception. If we aren’t careful in our own hearts, we will miss the beautiful ordinary handcrafted for us. We will miss stepping into our ordinary with full awareness of the nearness of God. It may not be post worthy on social media, but it’s worthy of the attention of Heaven.

I wrote a post about Mother’s Day a few years ago the Lord keeps reminding me of. I want you to read what I wrote then as it’s a reminder I need as I walk into my everyday. Join me for the rest of today’s post.

Choosing Simplicity Over Popularity

Simplicity I crave simplicity. My standard Starbucks drink for the last several years has been a grande white mocha, 2 pumps syrup rather than the sickeningly sweet 4 pumps, with skim milk and no whip cream. How complicated is that? A few months ago I decided I was over the complicated fancy coffee drinks. I […]

3 Keys to Making Decisions and Choosing the “Right” Road

We can become paralyzed in our decision making when we fear choosing the wrong path. What if we choose wrong? Years ago I heard a statement that brought freedom to me when facing decisions of any size. In the Bible I found a story that showed me 3 critical components to making every single decision we face.

When applying these 3 steps, I can move with confident courageous peace no matter which path I end up choosing. I can release FOMO (fear of missing out) hanging over my choices.

Buried inside my fears of making wrong choices, I discovered lies hiding in my heart about the character of God. I wonder if you have a few lies deeply burrowed you may want to shine the light on.

Join me for the rest of today’s post.

I heard

There is no shame in small

“Many of you want to stand on a stage in front of thousands of women, yet you’ve never led a Bible study in your own home.” My pen stopped mid-stroke. I sat in workshops learning how to take the messages God put on my heart to spread them to the masses, but what about the […]

Learn to hear God speak

Audio version available on Soundcloud. When I call out instructions to my kids before I’ve said their names or properly gotten their attention, there is about a 75% chance what I’m saying won’t be received by them. Instead, if I call their name, grab their attention, then speak, I’ve engaged them, and they are ready […]