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Be Careful With Your Influence and My Public Repentance

  “Have you seen The Shack?” I asked her during her week long stay at our house. Her eyes widened slightly as the right words attempted formation. Her response was brief, “No, have you?” As the conversation progressed she revealed to me the reason she decided not to see The Shack was based on my […]

Don’t Withhold Your Love

I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my conscience instructs me. Psalm 16:7 The water ran steadily from the faucet, cascading over piles of dishes. I stood there waiting. Waiting for the hot water to kick in, forgetting our hot water heater died on us. Mesmerized by the steadiness of the […]

Do You Worry or Ask God?

    Periodically, I take a break from social media. My soul knows well when a fast is in need. My mind becomes more scattered. My heart races. I find myself reaching for the phone every few minutes. When there is a lull for even 20 seconds, I fill it by scrolling. My thoughts change. […]

Who Has Time To Rest?

I gently pulled Andrew’s door closed. I switched off the light in the hall making my way to the family room. The lights were off. The candles cast their dancing shadows across my new coffee table, which I’m in love with. The table arrived, sat empty for a couple of hours, then I filled it […]