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There is no shame in small

“Many of you want to stand on a stage in front of thousands of women, yet you’ve never led a Bible study in your own home.” My pen stopped mid-stroke. I sat in workshops learning how to take the messages God put on my heart to spread them to the masses, but what about the […]

Learn to hear God speak

Audio version available on Soundcloud. When I call out instructions to my kids before I’ve said their names or properly gotten their attention, there is about a 75% chance what I’m saying won’t be received by them. Instead, if I call their name, grab their attention, then speak, I’ve engaged them, and they are ready […]

How To Stop Facebook From Deciding What You Want To See – My Facebook Breakup

When you get on Facebook, how do feel after you leave? Do you feel uplifted? Inspired? Encouraged? Happy? Satisfied? Many of us express feeling anxious, stressed, jealous, discontent, or frustrated after our social media time. Studies are revealing the level of addiction to social media is pretty startling. We reach for our phones hundreds of […]

How you can truly rest

“At noon, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon.” Mark 15:33 It was gruesome, bloody, unfair. He was rejected by His own. His silence speaks. His eyes find mine. Right now. In this moment. He wasn’t who they expected. It wasn’t how they imagined a Messiah. He didn’t fit their narrative. […]

How to not miss seeing God

The religious leaders who spent a lifetime studying God didn’t recognize Him when He stood right in front of their faces before Christ would die for our sins. The people who worshiped Him as God, didn’t recognize Him as their eternal King and the Son of God when they shouted “Hosanna!” It’s easy to view […]

Will You Be a Part of the Illuminate Community?

I attended a conference where we each received a light. The lights dimmed into dark. One light from the stage glowed. Then each attendee’s light began to glow together. The stadium radiated light. The light overcame the dark. As believers when we put our lights together, the forces of darkness fall. I’m inviting you to […]