My World Looks Completely Different These Days


My life looks drastically different right now. My days are fuller than ever, yet not busy and frantic. If that makes any sense. I’m adjusting to a whole new way of life- that of homeschooling.

I have half-written blogs posts queued up in my head. I only need some space and time to write them out. For now, I thought I would give you a few glimpses of the last two weeks of life in our home.

Remember I wrote about my grand plan to ease into homeschool that ended up leaving me in tears throughout the day. After that I decided to start fully the following week. We would go all in. Well, I know many of you were praying for us, and we have felt the covering of your prayers. It’s been an amazing two weeks.

I plan to share more about what the Lord is showing me. These words are bouncing off the walls of my heart to escape. I do promise I will have much to write and share with you soon. In the meantime, here are a few pictures and thoughts.

Some of these pictures I’ve shared on Instagram. Join me there?

Here is day one. Truly, we were all so excited though you won’t see it in this picture. Macy peered through the window unsure of what exactly was taking place.



School on the floor is great for boys. Something about doing work any way other than sitting at a desk works really well for these boys.




Zachary had a brilliant idea for a business. He opened Capt Z’s Restaurant serving lunch daily. For a mere 25cents/day, you can order a slightly nutritious lunch. He created a weekly menu and provided order forms. I love not thinking about lunch. He loves making a few bucks a week. It’s a win for everyone.



Day one ended with a bike ride to the park. I sat on the bench watching them and marveling at the fact that I have the blessing of this season of our lives.



Day Two Jacob decided to set his alarm for 6:00. This is earlier than he ever woke for school. He was hard at work before the sun woke up. Willingly. Amazing.



My thoughts shared on Instagram:

When we are forced to do something, we seem to rebel and fight against it. Even if only in our heart. But when we come of our own free will, we walk in pure freedom. It’s in freedom that we see clearly. What a good Father we have that doesn’t force us to come to Him or love Him. He draws and we come, and that is where we are finally free. In His embrace.
Last night Jacob set up his independent work prior to going to bed. He set his alarm for 6:00 am (earlier than even if he were going to school) even though I’d given him freedom to sleep until he wanted and work at a pace that suited him best. I saw a picture of him allowing the freedom to wash over him. And it was a beautiful sight. A beautiful picture to me of the freedom of grace.


Day Three Jacob clearly inspired his brothers. All set alarms and woke on their own. By 6:00 2 of the 3 were sitting at a table working!


The excitement for learning has been astounding. There has been zero complaints about “school”. It’s as though the removal of the “have to” or the removal of the pressure of the traditional school environment has triggered a major change in their hearts. At least for now. I realize we are in the honeymoon phase still. But seeing their thirst for knowledge is beautiful!

Science is our favorite. We are doing a Zoology study on sea creatures. Amazing, fascinating. And they are captivated during this time. Clearly the dogs love having their boys home so much now as well.



We read aloud. A lot! Each morning (at whatever point everyone is awake and together) we gather for our time together to pray, recite memory work, read scripture, sing (or listen) to a hymn, and read aloud from an inspiring book. Currently, we are memorizing Psalm 91 and reading Tramp for the Lord by Corrie Ten Boom. It’s an amazing follow up to The Hiding Place.


Sports haven’t started yet, so once our day is done, the boys have an enormous amount of free time. This will change soon. After hours of free time, Jacob decided to get ahead in math. At 4:30 in the afternoon! This inspired Andrew to do the same.



I’m amazed at the amount of work my boys get through in a day. Yet at the same time how relaxed the environment is, which greatly impacts the quality of their work. I’m shocked at the excitement and love for the quest of both knowledge and beauty.


While no deep thoughts in this post, I wanted to share pictures of what we’ve been up to. I hope in the next week or two to share more of my heart.