Are We Striving for the Favor of Man or God


“Oh, he would LOVE this one!” My son held the gift close to his chest. He raced from display to display to find the perfect gift.

“I want to get him this too. And this.”

“Well, it’s not in your budget, so choose just one.”

The assistant stocking the shelves glanced over her shoulder with a smile at his exuberance.

The experience was similar with each child. They darted around the store to find the gift they knew their brothers would love. They raced home to wrap and place it under the tree. They talked about how they can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they give their gifts.

Loving the giving spirit I saw, I took it a step further.

The first brother down for breakfast opened the advent door and read the note hidden inside. Another brother read it and tossed it aside moving about his morning routine. Another brother arrived to discover the advent activity read, “Do something kind or give something in secret for someone else.”

The lack of enthusiasm echoed loud around the kitchen table. Where was the exuberance I saw only days ago? Who stole their excitement?

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