Giving the Holy Spirit space to work in my child’s life

I took a walk and prayed, “God, fill me with your Spirit. I’m losing strength. Use me as an instrument of your grace in my children’s lives.” I love that phrase Paul Tripp uses, instrument of grace.
Parenting is refining. Homeschool is next level refining. Nothing I’ve ever done has exposed my need for Jesus more.
Andrew and I had to wrestle through some hard moments. I’ve learned something over the years. Love + consistent discipline is necessary. And so is space. So I took a walk, which made room for the Holy Spirit to speak and work in his heart. And mine.
When I came home, we started fresh with our day at a time we’d normally be done, we were just starting. He offered the sweetest apology that no lecture from me could have produced. Only God could do that.
As I told him I forgave him, he exhaled a sigh of relief and said thank you. “I’ll always forgive you. And I see God working in your life growing you into a young man more everyday.” He smiled, and we carried on with “school”. But the real lessons are in the heart.
When we see parenting challenges from the place of opportunity, everything changes. I have the opportunity to point my child to his need for Jesus. To confront sin and turn to God for love, mercy, and forgiveness. When we stop seeing the hard moments as interruptions or impacts on our selfish desires, everything changes.

One of the most influential parenting books I’ve ever read is by Paul David Tripp. I’ve read it three times. It quite literally offered me the greatest perspective shift I’ve ever experienced in my parenting journey. The most eye opening statement he made was that God never tasked the job of heart change to parents. I’d been white knuckling parenting, fearful I was screwing up or that my kids would wander away. This book was a deep sigh of relief. My one job is to love Jesus wholeheartedly, pray consistently, and point my kids back to the cross over and over and over again.

I stopped being so concerned about right now outcomes and focused on making the gospel real in their lives. It’s a must read in my opinion for all parents at every single stage.

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My scripture pillowcases were born out of desire to get more of God’s Word into the hearts of my children. I wanted to really teach them to turn to His Word for every single thing. In a world that bombards them with lies and fears, they need to be grounded in the truth that the God of the universe holds them steady. I want His Word instructing them night and day.

Grow in Discernment, Maturity, & Faith

Grow in Discernment

You may find yourself needing more encouragement this week. I pray these mini-devotions will help you cast your gaze upon the Lord. He is good.

“You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.” 1 Thes 5:5

Therefore, expose the dark. Expose the evil. Call it out into the light. We are living in the greatest age of deception in our lifetime. The speed of change is startling.

Yet, you were chosen to live for such a time as this. What a glorious calling. 

Be bold for the truth. Be bold for souls. 

Be careful who you follow. Be careful who you allow to influence you. You aren’t part of the cancel culture when you wisely discern a voice of influence is negative for you. As deception increases, we must grow in discernment. Then choose to NOT participate with the darkness. And call it out!

But how do we grow in discernment? Read the Bible daily. Every single day. The more you take it in, the quicker you are to recognize the deception and evil around you.

Grow in Maturity

Are you immature or mature in your spiritual walk? According to the Bible if you live on milk, you are inexperienced with the message about righteousness because you are an infant. “But solid food is for the mature-for those whose senses have been trained to distinguish between good and evil.” Hebrews 5:14

So what are you living on? Milk or solid food? If you are still on milk, you may be malnourished, your growth stunted. Is your only source of food from the message your pastor preaches on Sunday? Is it podcasts and books by christian authors? If so, it’s time to make a decision to wean yourself and feast on solid food.

It’s time to grow up. The times have changed. The Bible says the mature believer has trained his senses to distinguish between good and evil.

Culture is swarming with people professing Christianity who cannot distinguish between good and evil. Sometimes that line is very thin. Satan masquerades as an angel of light. (2 Cor. 11:14)Can you distinguish the difference in the true versus the false light? 

Evil is masquerading as good right now. Can you see it? Have you asked God to give you clear vision? Are you in His Word? Silence opinions. Silence the media. Silence the famous christian platforms. Fast from it all and seek Him with all your heart. He will grow you up. 

His Word is true.

Grow in Faith

The last sentence of Isaiah 60:22 is an encouragement to us. “I am Yahweh; I will accomplish it quickly in its time.”

We tend to look at our circumstances or the world and feel God’s purposes are taking forever. However, we must remember the nature of God. He is compassionate, slow to anger, desiring more to come to repentance.

He is not slow to act. In fact, when the time comes, He will act quickly. God moves quickly in the proper and perfect time.

Dear Lord, your Word is true and full of your promises. Increase our faith to trust you. Help us patiently wait for your time to act. We long for the day the world is righted. Thank you that the day is near. Teach us to look for your goodness in the land of the living. Help us live eternally minded knowing you hold the whole world in your hand. Amen.

The key to staying encouraged is keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus. But how? By having His Word in front of us at every turn. This is why I created scripture pillowcases, inspirational tea towels, and our latest addition truth mats (aka laminated placements). The world is a constant bombardment of bad news. Fill your spaces with the best news. Jesus is King!!

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What we need in a darkening world

The world feels darker by the day as chaos and confusion increase. We are desperate for light. The world moans for hope. What can we expect in the coming days, weeks, months, and years?

According to the Bible, we can expect the days to become darker. At the same time, the light within us will not dim. The darker the world, the brighter our lights shine.

One reason so many christians are struggling with their faith right now is the lack of focus on worship of God alone. On who He is, His nature and His character. Modern worship songs tend to be self-focused and absorbed. How we are filled by God, what He does for US, what WE need. I feel what we need most is to develop a habit of focusing on the One True God.

We need to know who He is, what He promises.  Instead of emotionalism in worship, we need the raw truth of His Word in our souls.

You have been chosen to live in these days. You have a purpose, a role, a job. We are living in days that require we make a decision to grow deeper with God and build stronger faith muscles. Casual Christianity is over.

Are you craving intimacy with God? Are you fighting fear as you watch the world seem to fall apart? Are you desperate for more but don’t know how? If so, I invite you to take a 14 day journey to grow in intimacy with God.

I wrote a devotion that focuses on the character and nature of God as illuminated by His Word. God as Creator, as Light, as I Am, as the Perfect One, as King, and Emmanuel (God with us). Alternating days will lead you in guided meditations through the Psalms. My prayer is that each day Your eyes will shift away from this crazy world and onto our Almighty God.

My prayer is that after 14 days you will want to listen or read again and draw into Him in deeper ways.

And I’ve lowered the price. It’s the cost of a cup of coffee, but will last much longer.

Illuminate makes a great easy gift. After buying one for yourself, log back in and buy one for a friend. You’ll only need to know her email address. Then send her a note to encourage her and tell her you are thinking of her today.

Together we can grow in Him and glow brighter in this dark world. He is here.

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