Christmas Book List

The Christmas season is my favorite reading season. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Christmas reads!

I enjoy both holding a physical book in my hands as well as earbuds listening to a story while folding laundry, cooking dinner, or blowdrying my hair. Some books though are just better to hear. Of the books I’m listing, I share which I feel you should listen to rather than sit and read. Plus you will fit in more Christmas books!

I highly recommend Audible and Scribd memberships. I have them both and use them both for our entire family. Here’s a link to try a month or more free on each.


This book is a fantastic Audible listen. You will be swept up in this love story and never want it to end. Historical Fiction meets Christmas meets love story meets beautiful accents. A lovely read!

“August 1914. England is at war. As Evie Elliott watches her brother, Will, and his best friend, Thomas Harding, depart for the front, she believes—as everyone does—that it will be over by Christmas, when the trio plan to celebrate the holiday among the romantic cafes of Paris.”










Yes, I know we all know the story of A Christmas Carol. But this Audible original is fabulous! It makes a wonderful family listen. I’m a big fan of capitalizing on car time and sneaking in extra stories with my family.
















This Max Lucado story is a perfect family read aloud or listen. It’s short and powerful. Definitely add to your list!

“Was the birth of Jesus a quietly profound event? Or could it have included heavenly battles, angel armies, and a scheming Satan? Come along as Lucado takes us on a journey into his imagination-pulling back the curtain as we see what might have taken place on Cosmic Christmas.”













I love every Richard Paul Evans book. He is by far my favorite Christmas author. His books are heartwarming and delightful in every way. I already pre-ordered his latest release The Christmas Promise

The Noel Letters is a short, fast read and delivers all the Christmas feels. It is Book #4 of the The Noel Series. Start with book 1 if you are new to Evans books!

“After nearly two decades, Noel Post, an editor for a major New York publishing house, returns to her childhood home in Salt Lake City to see her estranged, dying father. What she believed would be a brief visit turns into something more as she inherits the bookstore her father fought to keep alive. Reeling from loneliness, a recent divorce, and unanticipated upheavals in her world, Noel begins receiving letters from an anonymous source, each one containing thoughts and lessons about her life and her future. She begins to reacquaint herself with the bookstore and the people she left behind, and in doing so, starts to unravel the reality of her painful childhood and the truth about her family. As the holidays draw near, she receives a Christmastime revelation that changes not only how she sees the past but also how she views her future.”





Ok, this book is 100% light, fluffy, and full of giggles. The main character is absolutely lovable as she finds herself in awkward situations repeatedly. I listened to this via Audible and highly recommend. The English accents are to die for and honestly it was simply refreshing to listen to something so light that actually made me chuckle throughout the book.

I WILL be reading more of Sophie Kinsella. This is book 9 of 11, but I read it without reading any others and fell in love with it.













Several years ago, I read this aloud on a road trip over Thanksgiving. I fell in love with this story. It’s beautiful and makes the perfect Christmas family read aloud. Also there is a movie!!

“Imagine a Victorian England village in the Cotswolds where very little out of the ordinary ever happens . . . except at Christmas time.

This year, Edward Haddington, a lowly candle maker, is visited by a mysterious angel. That angel silently imparts a precious gift—a gift that’s bungled and subsequently lost. The candle maker and his wife, Bea, struggle to find the gift.

And when they do, they have to make a difficult choice. Who among their community is most in need of a Christmas miracle?”




Sitting on my nightstand are 2 Christmas books I’ll share on Instagram after I’ve read them.