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My boys,

View your life as one great read.  One juicy story full of drama, sweetness, sorrow, celebrations, samplings of heaven, and tests of the faithful.  A page-turner for sure, full of twists and turns and a constant wondering of what may be revealed with each turning of the page.

Though we don’t know all the details that fill the pages of this story, there is one thing we are certain of.  When we reach “The End”, we have only begun.  What awaits after this story concludes is a hope and a future far beyond our ability to imagine or comprehend.

While we are here, creating this story, never lose sight of the hope beyond The End.  And make the most of every single page of your story.  With every stroke of the pen, let Christ’s light shine on every single word.  And let Him guide and direct the drafting.

We just closed the chapter on 1st and 3rd grades as well as 3-year-old preschool.  And what a year we had.  So many experiences that have greatly impacted our hearts and grown us in ways we never imagined.

You have served as great examples to me and dad as well as anyone else who has the honor of knowing and loving you.  

My dear Jacob.  Your quiet leadership and strength of conviction astound me.  You inspire me to stand firm for justice and righteousness.  Your teacher chose a verse for you that brought instant tears to my eyes as I knew the Lord had laid it on her heart.  2 Corinthians 4:18 “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”  

My precious Zachary.  Your tender heart and your giving spirit are a beauty to witness.  I aspire to be as selfless as you.  You have such a servant heart.  The way you speak words of encouragement and life into all who know you is a true joy to experience.  When your teacher awarded you for working well with others in all situations I couldn’t agree more.  Jesus is so evident in your life.  

My sweet Drew.  Your strong will is a privilege to parent.  I thank God you are as strong as you are because I know He has great plans for that spirit.  I can see God molding you into one fiery warrior for Him.  God uses you in my life every single day to sanctify me.  Thank you for being used by God so readily.  I pray the fire in your heart grows stronger with time and you will use your gifts to serve God’s kingdom in a mighty way.  

So, my 3 precious boys, I am giving you this journal.  Fill the pages of this journal with your stories.  May this summer be one in which your faith grows stronger.  Fill the pages of this journal with all the Lord lays on your heart.  Share your heart with Him here.  Write out your memories and your experiences the Lord brings your way.  Let your imaginations run wild.  I pray this summer brings you much joy as you ponder and explore what God shows you and you journal away these long, lazy summer days.

With all my heart,


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  1. Jen Kayser
    Jen Kayser says:

    Wonderful idea! Renee, I am touched by how you speak to Drew. Convicts me to realize that my own strong willed child might just be what I need instead of something to struggle against. Thanks and God bless this summer!

  2. Renee Robinson
    Renee Robinson says:

    I have to constantly remind myself to not struggle against his strong will. And I assure you that I do struggle :). God has really taught me a great deal about myself through my reactions to him. I hope you guys have a wonderful summer!

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