Killer Moments or Moment Killers?

With little warning, it happens in an instant.  Like a hawk who swoops down upon his prey before the prey ever realized he was in danger.  The moment comes, the moment is killed, the moment is gone.  What is left behind when the dust settles?

One child woke for the day happy and ready to start the day.  Another child woke and was determined to make my morning miserable, or at least that was my perspective.  And still another child woke simply grumpy.

Each whine, moan, grumble, and complaint sent my blood pressure rising.  At last, rest/nap time arrived.  I had looked forward to this all day as  I was in desperate need of some quiet.  The day had sapped me of all physical and emotional energy.  I was longing for a block of time of total silence and a 10 minute power nap.  No interruptions.

God interrupts.

Sometimes we don’t see God as the source of the interruption when it comes dressed in the disguise of our children.  I pray God will clear my vision to see my child’s interruption as His interruption.  For a good purpose.

Just as I settled the last child into his room for some quiet, a loud clap of thunder shook the house.  My perfect napping weather.  I needed this nap.  Steve was traveling, I was exhausted.  I would be a better mom given a few minutes of shut-eye.  I. I. I.

I quickly closed the curtains, turned the fan on high, snuggled deep into the covers and had just begun to drift into a sweet, peaceful sleep when I began to dream a soft, “Mom…Mom….Mom…Mom”  It couldn’t be.  Certainly, none of my boys would interrupt the 10 minute nap I had previously warned them I would be taking.  They knew better.  I slowly peeked one eye open and was shocked to see my son staring back at me.

I shot straight up.  Before I had time to think straight, words began spewing from my mouth.  Words that caused an instant change in his expression and sent him sulking up the stairs.

I closed my eyes, but sleep would be impossible.  The Holy Spirit was whispering too loud.  Urging me to make this right.  So I began to plead my case to God.  “I deserve a few minutes to myself.  It’s not fair.  I give all day long, can’t they give me 10 minutes.  Why can’t I get some quiet.  EVER.”  The more I argued, the heavier my heart became.  I lay in my napping spot in complete misery.  I knew there was only one remedy.

I marched upstairs.  But before I could make it right, I just had to state my case. (Pride is heinously ugly)

After stating my case, I felt the tension rush from my body as my shoulders relaxed.  “So why did you wake me up?”

“To tell you that my loose tooth just popped.  I was excited and I wanted you to see it.”

He wanted to share a moment with me.  And I killed it.  Sadness flooded my heart.

Zachary had ruined my nap.  But for a good reason.  To share a moment with me.  I had ruined a moment.  I killed it.

To further state his own case, he ended with, “We just like being with you.  That’s all.”

My head dropped as I took in what he said.  How could he possibly enjoy being with such a selfish person who so quickly lost it when she realized she wasn’t getting her own way?  I met his eyes, “I’m so sorry.  I’m so very, very sorry.  I mess up every single day.  I’m thankful for Christ’s forgiveness.  Will you forgive me?”

“Yes.”  There was no hesitation.

Moments are not just the planned experiences.  The pool days, the ice cream shop trips, the movie days.  The moments in the heat of battle are moments too.  Those moments often are the ones that leave the biggest marks.

I want to create killer moments not moment killers.  I’m grateful God opened my eyes to see the difference.


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  1. Steph
    Steph says:

    Oh Renee- your posts are full of the BEST lessons and reminders. Thank you for sharing! Now let’s see a picture of his new smile! Yeah Zachary 🙂

  2. Renee Robinson
    Renee Robinson says:

    Thank you for the sweet encouragment! So glad the posts are helpful to you. Feel like our house is a constant lesson in motion. I’m sure you can relate!! I’ll definitely post Zachary’s new smile on one of the blogs. It is so adorable!!

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