Memories on Canvas


A close 2nd to memory making is memory reflecting.  Watching their expression as they study a picture  is a sweet moment in itself.  A blank expression transformed as the mind recalls the events, the moments, the feelings.  Lines soften, brows raise, smiles break through.

Experiences tie us together.  Time together draws us closer.  When we spend time reflecting on family memories and stories, we are deepening that connection.  We are aiding our children in recalling the times in our lives that create our story.  Our family story.  It’s a gift we can give our children.

A special place for our family is the beach.  Any beach really.  Honestly, I could sit on the sand for days on end mesmerized by the awesomeness of the sea.  The power.  The beauty.  The serenity.  The mystery.  Glimpses of our Father.

Over the summer the grandparents gave a great gift to our family.  They invested time in our kids for a week.  A week of just boys and grandparents.  A week that I had alone for the first time ever in 9 years.  The memories the boys walked away with are priceless.  The rest I was able to get was priceless.  It was an incredible gift.

During that time I tried to catch up on our scrapbooks and framing pictures.  I came across some stunning beach shots from our vacations that I felt needed to be displayed in our house.  We should be relishing in these memories.  Reminding ourselves of the times we’ve been given together, the fun we’ve had, the bonds that have formed.

So I ordered 4 beach shots in 8×10 size.  Until recently they sat in my office.  I wanted to display them simply, yet beautifully.  I’ve always loved canvas art and canvas prints.  So I thought I would give it a shot with these beach pictures.

This was the easiest project I’ve ever done.  I got 8×10 canvases.  I coated the canvas with Mod Podge (a staple in my home).  Next I lay the picture right on top of the Mod Podge covered canvas.  I gently used a cloth to smooth the picture on.  Then I turned it upside down so I could press the back of the canvas to be sure the glue would adhere evenly to the picture.  I let it sit upside down for about 30 minutes.  I took the canvas picture outside and sprayed it with Clear Acrylic Sealer in a Matte Finish.  The End.  That easy.

Total time for 4 8×10 canvas pictures not including drying time: 15 minutes.

Total cost for all 4:  $30

You could even paint the edges of your canvas.  My kitchen is white, so I liked the white edges.

I love filling our home with meaningful displays from our lives.

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