Most Popular Posts From the First Half of 2014

4th of july

Do you remember the post about summer expectations?  I think I failed to list for myself that I would have no time to write.  A planned blogging break could have helped.  But I love blogging, and it takes so little time.  It just so happens that this summer I have 2 conferences and a manuscript I’ve been working on for months that I’ve rewritten no less than 5 times. On top of that my letter to my boys about electronics has well-surpassed the 1 million mark in views.  With that has brought comments and emails that I can barely keep up with.  If you’ve sent me something, thank you. I read them all, but I may be unable to reply to each one. Please know they mean so much to me.

And of course we are hosting through New Horizons for Children.  This summer has been the best summer of my life.  And has looked nothing like I expected.  But that is life, right?

My regular blogging schedule (twice a week) will resume in August when the kiddos return to school.  For now I’ll be going with the flow of summer.  You may hear from me, you may not.

We have so many new readers here, and I want to say thank you for trusting me with your inbox.  If you haven’t trusted me yet, consider subscribing to receive posts via email here in the bottom right corner.  You will receive a free download to create ornaments to go along with Seeking Christmas – Finding the True Meaning Through Family Traditions.

Here is a list of some of the most popular posts from this year.

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  1. Anik
    Anik says:

    I find your blog very inspiring. I am a mother of two happy and active boys. 3 and 20 months old. We are expecting another baby due Dec 30th. The oldest, Tejs is in kindergarten. Sometimes. And Christian is at home. I am a true believer that children up until they are 3 have a need to be close to Mom & Dad. Not be sent off to institution (kindergarten, daycare). Of course, not everybody has this luxury. I often get criticized for it. I am often very tired, but think it is well worth it, no matter what people tell me. Looking fwd to reading you! Best regards. Anik (Canadian Mom living in Denmark)

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