Speaking Life


[box] “Look into the eyes of the brokenhearted; Watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope, you speak love, you speak… you speak life,”  TobyMac[/box]

Usually baseball practice brings my husband in the door full of energy and life, excitement and stories.  On this evening, however, he seemed….peaceful, calm, and content.  Not that this is abnormal for him.- it’s not, it’s just that adrenaline trumps calm on baseball nights.

The boys withdrew upstairs to wash the dirt away. Steve looked at me and said, “Renee, Zachary sat in the backseat of the car singing every word to that Toby Mac song from his new CD and it just about made me cry.  He sounded like an angel.”

I knew exactly what he meant.  To hear a child singing out loud words that penetrate the heart. Well, it transforms your moment.

Our words hold power.  Sometimes it’s the simple act of speaking at all.  Someone we encounter today may simply need someone to stop along their path and speak.  Simply speak. Sharing a moment. Taking the time to look them in the eye- to listen to them. To smile at them. Someone to encourage and not criticize.  Someone to speak kindness rather than harsh words.

We can speak life in the big moments.  And we can speak life in the ordinary moments. Sometimes the ordinary moments are hidden God encounters.

Lord, help me slow down long enough to speak life. 

Listen to these words and be inspired to speak life into the heart of another today.

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