The “Best of” Christmas Posts – Tips to simplify, celebrate, serve, cherish, and give


I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of my most popular or favorite posts from the past Christmas seasons. Enjoy these over several days. I’ll be sharing new posts soon. Currently we are wrapping up our first semester of homeschooling. I have much to share with you on what the Lord has been working in my heart.

I pray your Christmas season is off to a beautiful start!!

18 Ways Your Family Can Serve Others At Christmas

The Christmas season seems to blow in like a blizzard and bury us with piles of to-do’s. The key for me is to plan ahead just a little. To determine before life gets too hectic what our family will do.

Give the Gift They Don’t Know To Ask For

“I have come to realize that my boys only retain a small portion of what I speak to them. My words are granted only a few seconds to slip in before the door of opportunity slams. Written words aren’t blocked by doors, they slide under the crack of the door. There they remain and can be taken in slowly over time and multiple times.

A letter from a parent to a child is a tool that plants words deep into the soil of the soul. Those words remain with them for life. When the words are most needed, they are waiting to be unearthed. Resurrected to life in the heart of the child.”

My Favorite Christmas TraditionA Father’s Blessing ( For single mothers and widows, a mother’s blessing is equally as powerful and life-giving)

It’s a gift slipped into the Christmas tree. A letter. Words. To be opened with care and treasured for life. A gift that won’t be quickly forgotten. A gift that might not hold the wow factor, but a gift that will give more than we ever actually realize.

When You Are Weighed Down By Getting it Right at Christmas

Christmas can be simpler than we make it. There is freedom in walking in simple ways. In our home some things we do every year, and some things change each year. A tradition is a gift when it is enjoyed, but when it ties you down, it’s no longer a gift. This post shares a few books and activities we enjoyed one Christmas.

How To Not Miss Christmas

“We’ve all had that kind of Christmas. The one that seems to rush by only for you to look back and feel you missed it all. The one that you feel you are on the Christmas treadmill, checking off the list, racing from obligation to obligation, panting for air.

Then you wonder, did you miss Christmas? Did you show your kids what Christmas really means?

Here’s the secret to not missing Christmas. The absolute certain way that you will not miss it.”

Fighting the Christmas Pressure to Impress

“When we fall to the pressure of our culture in our gift giving, it becomes about us.  The attention is taken from the gift recipient and placed back on us. We might earn favor or impress, but we lost our humility. Christmas is the greatest picture of humility the world has ever seen.

If we want to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, it starts with modeling humility.”

When Your Christmas Season Doesn’t Go As Planned

Sometimes when our Christmas looks nothing like we planned, we experience Him like we never imagined. Isn’t that the real gift of Christmas?

15 Non-Toy Gifts To Give At Christmas – a most popular post!! The title says it all.

When It’s Time To Break Tradition -Why The Wish List Needs To Go Away

“He came to do. He doesn’t need our to-do’s.

Instead of filling our to-do’s with finding the perfect gifts for our kids, planning magical surprises to delight, scouring social media for the latest, newest, creative expression of Christmas magic, turn it over to him. Let go of the pressure to create magic. The magic is here. Waiting to be found. Hunt for it rather than burden yourself with creating it.”

25 Advent Calendar Days of Memories and Experiences

I’ve found a secret to fighting this type of Christmas stress.


With our advent calendar, we have simplified our Christmas, while making our season more meaningful and intentional. It only takes a little extra planning the first year, then each year that follows, you will thank yourself for making your holiday less stressful and more memorable.

Gifts for the True Gift of Christmas

Room in the Inn of Our Hearts

Dear Boys, When You Compare What You Get For Christmas With What Someone Else Gets

“Most people, if they had really learned to look into their own hearts, would know that they do want, and want acutely, something that cannot be had in this world. There are all sorts of things in this world that offer to give it to you, but they never quite keep their promise.”CS Lewis, Mere Christianity



Room in the inn of our heart


The innkeeper hears the knock at the door.  The long awaited guest has arrived.  He comes every year.  Quietly he knocks and waits to be invited in.

The innkeeper rushes to the door, opening wide while the wind rushes in.  He hugs the guest, takes his coat and welcomes him inside.

“Please make yourself at home.  We are busy preparing for you.  And we are so excited you have come.”

The guest takes in the sights and sounds.  Enticing scents invite him in further.  He listens to the excited chatter of the guests around him.  Guests here to honor him.  They are all busy hustling about.  Decorations are underway, preparations are being made.

The air is festive and bright.  Joy abounds around him.

The guests know he is there.  This is all for him.  And he waits.  They move all around him, but few stop to chat.  The celebrations swirl around him, for him.  A few pass by with sweet words tossed here and there.  “So glad you are here.  What a joyous occasion.  We will be with you soon.  There is still a bit to do before we can celebrate with you.”

He sits by the fire in the parlor. He waits for the guests to join him.  His eyes are transfixed on the dancing flames while the background noise rises and falls.

He would love to sit and chat for hours with these guests.  He has come for them.  They will come, he tells himself.  He realizes they are excited and caught up in their own excitement over him- they have busied themselves.

He wonders if they will be too tired to visit with him after all their setting up is complete.  He hopes not.  And he waits.  He has so much he wishes to share.  He hopes they will have time with him.  He continues watching the fire.

He watches the clock above the dancing flames.  The hands move slowly as he watches each second tick by.  The clock tells a time that signals the night has come to an end.  He moves away from the warmth of the fire where he sat all evening hoping to share stories with the guests and engage in their excitement.  It’s ok, he tells himself.  This is all because they love me and are excited to celebrate my arrival with me tomorrow.  Off to bed he goes.

The other guests and the innkeeper retire to their rooms exhausted.  Tomorrow we will celebrate they all say.

A new day dawns.  The guest rises eager to spend time with the other guests he’s come to see.  Preparations should be complete, now they will be ready to celebrate.

The fire in the parlor is growing in intensity.  He takes residence in the same spot he secured the night before, watching the flames- waiting.

The guests begin to file down the stairs.  The chatter begins again.  The festivities are underway.  He overhears their conversations.  They are speaking of him.  Yet few stop to speak to Him.  They talk of him and around him- and he waits.

His heart feels heavy as he longs for these people.  To share in their stories, to share in their festivities and laughter.

The evening draws to a close and the guest makes his way upstairs.  There was room for him at the inn that night but no space in their hearts to sit with him.

As he lay in bed reflecting he knew they loved him and had come for him.  He only wished they realized he didn’t need all the effort that went into the celebration.  He only wanted them.

He understands.  He’s patient and humble.

He waits.  Because He loves them.

Seeking Christmas is a guide for families to the One who came for each of us.  It’s a simple devotion, filled with simple activities and traditions that celebrates a simple, yet profound message.  It offers your family a unique Christmas experience centered around what truly matters in life and in this season.  If you have purchased a copy, thank you.  I’ve been praying for years for you and would love to hear from you after your family seeks Christmas together this year.  Merry Christmas!