The Hope Christmas In July Can’t Steal


Lost in my memories, my ringing phone in a silent theater brought me back.

Exiting the theater as quickly and quietly as possible, I answered the call I had been expecting. It takes only a moment for your world to feel flipped upside down and inside out.

“Mrs. Robinson, we have the results from Zachary’s lab work.” I listened as she relayed the information to me, much of it making little sense. He had fluid around his knee that had been drained. They didn’t know what caused it and ran tests on the fluid.

“Mrs. Robinson, his white blood cell count is very high. We recommend further testing.” I nodded my head, my brain moving too fast for me to know what questions to even ask. I knew I should at least get the count. The ringing phone started the course of turning my world upside down, her next words set my upside down world spinning. “His count is 35,000. A normal range is 0-200.”……..

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