The Thrill of the Hunt

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As a newborn Jacob had a scream that, quite frankly, terrified me.  It escalated near the dinner hour, and he remained in a state of fussiness until bedtime.  As the clock neared 6:00 pm, I could feel my anxiety rising because I knew what I was in for.  Hours of on and off again crying.  Hours of walking and rocking and crying.  For both of us.

Steve had perfected this one particular move.  It was a little step, bounce, step move.  Quite impressive not because how he looked doing it but because it actually worked. Sometimes.

One thing worked to stop the crying every single time, however.  Taking that boy outside. He could be in an all-out, full-belly scream, purple face and all, and the moment the fresh air hit his skin, the crying stopped.  Enter inside the house, crying resumed.  Back outside, crying stopped.  Considering he was an October baby, that was tough on a new mom .

Jacob has loved nature since the day he was born.   Being outside soothed him as a newborn.  It soothes him as a 10 year old.  As a toddler he spotted every tiny creature trying its best to stay unnoticed.  Slime and scales never stopped him from touching anything.

Jacob is always the one to spot what the rest of us fail to see.  If you walk on the beach with him, he will find 10 things in 2 minutes flat that you’ve never seen before.  He is always the one to discover the bird fallen from the nest.  He’s always the one to spot the deer standing motionless in the woods under the cover of the trees.  He’s always the one to see the snake hiding under a rock.  He’s always the one that sees anything in nature that the rest of us walk right by.

I asked him his secret.  “Jacob, how do you see the things in nature that we miss?  You seem to see things so easily.”

He responded, “Because I’m always looking.”

He’s passionate about nature.  He can’t get enough of it.  So he’s always on the hunt.  Filling himself up with what he loves.

When Jacob is looking, he is anticipating what he will discover.  He is expecting to see something.  The thrill of the hunt is almost as exciting as the find.I want to hunt for God like Jacob hunts in nature.   I want to constantly be looking, seeking, discovering, and finding.

God is in every single moment of my day.  He’s all over my life.  And He’s all over yours.  When I take the time to stop and notice, it’s overwhelming.  Some days I see him more easily than others.  It really depends on how hard I’m looking for Him.  He’s there everyday, all day.  He’s just waiting on me to find Him hiding in every moment He brings my way.

Where have you seen God hiding in your moments this week?  Have you seen him in unexpected corners?  In a funny joke heard at the just the moment you needed a good laugh?  In a phone call from a friend when encouragement was needed?  In a surprise bargain find when money is tight and a need exists?  Please share your God moments with us.  The big, the small, the silly, the not-so-silly.  He is all over us, all the time.


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