Viktors and Marina- 2 Latvian Orphans


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When Paula Sloan and I first began discussing Viktors, we didn’t know what their role would be in Viktors’ journey.  Would it be as advocate, adoption, to come alongside us, etc.  Little by little, the Lord revealed the path, which was for the Sloans to adopt this young boy.  During the early conversations, I asked Paula what must have seemed like the oddest question.  It went something like this, “Is your husband silly and goofy?”  When I read her response, I could almost hear her laughing.  Please visit her blog to hear the answer.

Why did I ask Paula that question?  Well, did you watch that little video clip?  Do you remember the post of Viktors dancing in the car?  Did I mention he loved calling Steve animal names?  He is silly.  Very silly.  A silly family would be perfect for him.  Please read Paula’s post on her silly husband.  You are sure to get a good chuckle!

This post from Paula is a must read.  I promise you won’t regret the 2 minutes it will take!!

The Sloans are raising money to host Viktors this summer then will be raising money for his adoption.  If you feel led to help them, you can contribute at


And a new journey is beginning.  With an 11 year old orphan named Marina.  Marina is super shy and has only been in the state system for a little over a month.  When I perused the photo listing from New Horizons For Children, my eyes were drawn to her bio for some reason.  Similar to the draw to Viktors.

Initially, I asked Steve if we were supposed to host her.  He must have thought I was crazy.  I’m not healed from Viktors yet.  I just started as a volunteer coordinator with NHFC.  I am committed to supporting the Sloans through their journey.  It’s too much at one time.  With gentle love, Steve reminded me of all I was dealing with right now and encouraged me to focus on healing, focus on helping families hosting orphans this summer, and focus on supporting the Sloans.

I just knew that the Lord put Marina on my heart for a reason though.  Just like he did with Viktors.  In complete jest, I sent a text to my sister that simply said “Hey I found a little orphan girl available for hosting.  You guys want to host her?”

I expected a response like, “I wish we could but…..”

Instead, I got this “Let me talk to Larry and the family”  Not much longer after that I received this “Where do we start with the hosting.  The family wants the girl you picked out for us.”

I sat in complete astonishment.  Not that my sister would do this.  Because that isn’t surprising.  My sister has a heart for God and a heart for helping others.  But I was astonished at God.  Again.  I pray I never cease to be amazed at His miraculous works.

So my heart is bursting with anticipation and excitement over the journeys of 2 families this summer.  The Sloans with Viktors.  And the Pattersons with Marina.  2 11-year-old Latvian orphans in desperate need of love and family.  2 amazing families willing to open their hearts and homes.   My heart aches at the thought of what their hearts will feel in a few months.  But so very worth every ounce of pain.  Because the pain we feel is for a purpose.  It is pain with a purpose.

If you would like to support the Patterson’s in their drive to raise money to host Marina, you can do so here

All donations are tax-deductible.  Your donations are fulfilling the call of the Lord to care for orphans and widows.  Most families that host cannot fund the hosting on their own.  They rely on the generosity and compassion of others who are able to contribute.

Most importantly, pray for these families.  Pray for the Pattersons and Sloans.  Pray for Marina and Viktors.  Your prayers are coveted!

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