Bad Breath And A Plank In The Eye

We entered the doors of church a little later than usual.  We made our way to a pew that could barely  fit four of us.  The boys sandwiched themselves between us and quickly got to work on their sermon notes activity sheet.  Every few minutes Zachary would whisper something to Jacob.  After a few times, […]

A Turn to Thanks Changes the Moment

As I prepared for bed, I began to mentally start my checklist of what all needed to be done the following day.  It would get done, it always does, and I would just get through the day.  But I don’t like simply surviving.  I don’t like days that start out with “just get me through […]

Family Fun Fridays

For many families the weekends are cherished times.  With intentional planning, it can be a time to slow down, reconnect, and protect your time together.  Since certain seasons will prove to be easier than others at having relaxing weekends, it’s important to be intentional when we can. Sometimes simply naming something provides all the specialness […]

Viktors and Marina- 2 Latvian Orphans

[wpvideo r9Co0qcv] When Paula Sloan and I first began discussing Viktors, we didn’t know what their role would be in Viktors’ journey.  Would it be as advocate, adoption, to come alongside us, etc.  Little by little, the Lord revealed the path, which was for the Sloans to adopt this young boy.  During the early conversations, […]

Shift away from the Drift

    (Timesheet courtesy of We are well into the New Year, but it’s never too late to set a resolution, goal, or make a desired change in our lives. A shift is in order in my own life.  Not a change necessarily, just a shift to get me back on track. It’s something I’ve […]

Find Your “Just One”

If you have ever looked at the problems of the world and felt that you are only one person against a mountain of problems and wondered how you could make a difference,  I encourage you to listen to this message from Andy Stanley.  If you have ever heard someone say, “You can’t save them all,” […]