He’s Gone

  We said goodbye.  The pain was excruciating for me.  I can’t remember a time in my life I have cried harder or longer.  I cried for days leading up to his departure.  The thought of possibly never seeing this beautiful child again felt more than my heart could bear.  Would I wonder every day […]

Photo Slideshow Viktors 2012

Tomorrow morning is the day we say goodbye to our orphan host son, Viktors. I have no adequate words for this post. We love this boy.  Simple as that.  My prayer is that God uses the time we had with Viktors as a stepping stone to a blessed life. Thank you for taking this journey […]

Viktors dancing

[youtube=http://youtu.be/3vhxkUcphhg] Since this journey has caused my readers so many tears, I thought it fitting to share this video. Viktors loves to dance. His preference is rap. Since he doesn’t know the difference, I usually put on Christian rap for him. However in my car the only option is contemporary Christian. He’s learned to move […]

Before and After

Here is the night Viktors arrived to us….and after 3 weeks.  Amazing what time, love, and nourishment can do!

Adopted by God

We have a new brother in Christ.  His name is Viktors. Each day really has gotten better than the one before.  I’d rather it be miserable prior to him leaving.  Then maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to put him on that plane. I asked how he was feeling about returning to Latvia.  “Mom, whats […]

Advocating for Adoption

We are hosting Viktors for 4 weeks.  He is an 11-year-old orphan from Latvia.  After having him in our home for 4 weeks, I’m convinced this child would thrive in a loving family.  He is strong and resilient, yet tender and loving. He is affectionate and responds so well when he trusts you, which doesn’t […]