Day 2

His head rested on the arm of the chair, gaze transfixed on the rainbow of lights on the Christmas tree.  Fingers lightly grazed the ornaments then stopped.  He gently removed the ornament from the tree.  “Mom”  I’ve grown so accustomed to hearing this. “Yes?” In his hands he held an ornament of 2 carolers, one […]

Day 1

5:45 the clock read.  A mostly full night’s sleep to start the day. 6:30.  Slowly, I opened the door to the boys’ room, fully expecting everyone to be sound asleep though Jacob and Zachary needed to be up getting ready for school. “Hi!”  It was the first time I heard him speak.  The nightlight silhouetted […]

He’s here

Approximately 45 days of waiting and praying for this orphan boy to enter our lives. Giving birth to a child gives way to an immediate love.  Love is there in an instant.  The moment they enter your lives. It seems odd to say we love a child we don’t really even know yet.  One we […]

Tomorrow is the day

This Christmas God has led our family to host an orphan from Latvia for 4 weeks.  You can read more here and here. For 4 weeks we will have an 11-year-old orphan boy living with us, seeing what family life looks like, receiving love and nurturing, hearing the gospel, and receiving hope for a better […]

Love You Forever

Life is changing.  Quickly.  I always knew it would. These boys.  They don’t stay little long. Quiet bedtime routines are rare in a house of 3 boys.  Bedtime used to be such a sweet, soothing time.  It is no longer.  They are older, bigger, rougher.  But their hearts are still little, soft, and gentle. I […]

A Father’s Christmas Blessing

Years ago my sister introduced me to their friends, the Ropers.  Kathryn was one of the first people who shared her knowledge of all things health and opened my eyes to a world that was foreign to me at the time.  Through the years I have learned much from this family through stories my sister […]