Day 4: Who I Am

Jason Gray – Remind Me Who I Am (Official Music Video) from jason-gray on GodTube.

Please take 3 minutes and click the link above.  We can all relate to this song.  We all need reminding who we are to Him.  You won’t regret this 3 minutes. I promise.

I pray Viktors will discover who He is in Christ.

He doesn’t belong to anyone. But he does, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Today was less testing.  He shuts down at certain times.  Bedtime he completely shuts down on us.  At one point today I found him in bed with his head covered blocking out everything around him.  It was through the promise of taking a car ride that I was able to pull him back out of himself to join us.

I find myself constantly saying to myself “He is an 11-year-old orphan.  Period.”  He will not respond the way I expect.

There is a language barrier and there are emotional walls.

But he is capable of love and he is capable of accepting love.  A lot of processing occurs.

He is a wonderful little boy.  A strong will for sure.  Through Facebook postings today, I was reminded that it is his stubbornness and strong will that has enabled him to survive to this point.  It is what he needs to say no to drugs and crime.

Praise God Viktors is stubborn.  Praise God he is strong-willed.  He needs to be.  It will serve him well and has served him well to this point.

Pray this child would come to know the Lord and would channel those traits to serve Him one day.

We are sustained by your prayers.  We truly feel every prayer lifted up for our family and Viktors right now.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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  1. francine1126
    francine1126 says:

    None of us unless we were orphaned can begin to feel Viktors emotions. He wants to belong to a loving family, maybe he remembers his family, and was it good or bad? What’s going on in his mind we wonder. He knows his time with your family is a few weeks then he returns. I wonder if Viktors has visited a family before? How many times? I pray to God for miracles.

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