A Birthday Prayer

Zachary baby

You looked deep into my eyes.  Your warm newborn body filling these arms God created for just that moment.  I felt what I’d only experienced once before- and once since then.

Speechless, I looked back into your eyes.  Will you ever have any idea the depth of my love for you?  Will you ever understand how I loved you before you were even born?  

And to God I quietly whispered, I don’t deserve this blessing.  I’m not worthy of this task.  This child of Yours given to me for a time- help me, please.

You weren’t our first, so we had a little practice.  I knew about how much you should eat.  What seemed normal, what didn’t.  But your appetite.  Your appetite seemed simply too big for your small size.

You could drain a bottle in 2 minutes flat.  Then your feet would begin kicking, your arms would begin to pump up and down as you grunted at the bottle.  Sucking hard, hoping for just a little more.  You tasted the goodness.  And wanted more.  It filled you, but left you longing for more.

I voiced my concern at your checkup.  The doctor asked, “Is he a voracious eater?  Does he have a ravenous appetite?”

Yes you did.

And my prayer became Lord, give him a voracious appetite for You.  Give him a hunger for more of you.  Let him taste your goodness and need more.  Let his longings and cravings be bent towards you all of his life.

Today you are 8.  You have a ravenous appetite for life and the goodness of God.  Happy Birthday, Zachary.  You light up our lives with your selfless heart.  May your days and years be filled with God’s blessings.



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