Day 6: Constant State of Action

This is the state of my kitchen in the midst of cookie making with 4 boys.  They are over at the table devouring their masterpieces at the time of this picture. Jenga has quickly become a favorite game.  No English required and so fun for everyone.  Until little Drew hits the table…. A little Christmas […]

Day 5: His likes and dislikes

I’m discovering he is adventuresome.  He likes to stay busy.  Like most boys. They need to stay busy. He loves to ride bikes and scooters.  Soccer is by far his favorite sport and he is really good at it too!  When he plays he puts on Jacob’s adidas shorts and Messi jersey.  He loves power […]

Day 4: Who I Am

Jason Gray – Remind Me Who I Am (Official Music Video) from jason-gray on GodTube. Please take 3 minutes and click the link above.  We can all relate to this song.  We all need reminding who we are to Him.  You won’t regret this 3 minutes. I promise. I pray Viktors will discover who He […]

Day 3: Testing Begins

Testing has begun.  Boundaries are being tested. I laid out a shirt for him. “No”  10 minutes later he was downstairs in a shirt he brought with him.  I let it go.  Not worth the battle.  He requested a movie.  No problem we had time for a short movie before we needed to leave the […]

Day 2

His head rested on the arm of the chair, gaze transfixed on the rainbow of lights on the Christmas tree.  Fingers lightly grazed the ornaments then stopped.  He gently removed the ornament from the tree.  “Mom”  I’ve grown so accustomed to hearing this. “Yes?” In his hands he held an ornament of 2 carolers, one […]

Day 1

5:45 the clock read.  A mostly full night’s sleep to start the day. 6:30.  Slowly, I opened the door to the boys’ room, fully expecting everyone to be sound asleep though Jacob and Zachary needed to be up getting ready for school. “Hi!”  It was the first time I heard him speak.  The nightlight silhouetted […]