Shreds of Life

Beloved security blanket, Boppy, passed down from Jacob to Andrew.  Boppy has provided a constant source of comfort, security, and love to two of my children. Boppy has stories to tell.  Stories of skinned knees and hurt feelings, failures and victories, dark, frightened nights and the comfort of dawn.  Birthday candles blown out, first days of preschool, learning to […]

How technology can threaten our moments

In 2008 we moved from Atlanta to Virginia.  Talk about a culture change.  Fast-paced city life to tractor-speed rural life.  Time slowed.  Drastically.  My friends back home were shocked at how quickly I embraced our new life.  One of the primary reasons I fell in love with Virginia was that for the first time I […]

How to Store and Organize Photos

Life is happening.  You are creating special moments with your family.  Memories are forming.  Traditions are becoming deeply rooted into your family.  All the while you are snapping away photos trying to preserve all you can of the moments and memories your family is living out.  Before you know it, you find yourself overwhelmed at […]

A Little Encouragement Goes A Long Way

“Jacob, you will be the best dad one day,”  my Zachary said to his older brother.  With a sheepish smile, Jacob looked back at him and asked, “Why would you say that?”  Zachary’s reply, so sweet and genuine, “Because you are so responsible.”  Zachary was referring to how his older brother, cautious by his first-borne […]

Sweet Hamburgers and Memories

*******This is a guest post by Adina Bailey, co-founder of Take Them A Meal.  Take Them a Meal is a free online meal scheduling website allowing users a simple system to provide care to those in need.  Adina is also one of my dearest friends, who is a great inspiration to me as I watch the […]

School Years Memory Book Tutorial

The lives of our littles are filled with memories, accomplishments, achievements, growth, and drastic change during their grade school years.  I’m realizing that as my children age, I can easily forget some of the little things of who they were before.  The process of maturing and aging brings about constant change. I desperately want to remember it […]