Making Memories Through Missions


The problems of the world are dire.  Catastrophic.  Overwhelming. Though we often feel unable to make a real difference, that simply is not true.  Not only can our actions make a difference, sometimes life or death in another person’s life, but we can imprint the hearts of our children, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends when we work together for the greater cause of humankind.

Consider the imprint left on your child’s heart when you involve their hands and feet in the service of one in need.  In a very tangible way, you are teaching them to be like Jesus.  Jesus served.  Jesus gave.  Even his very life.

Summertime is a prime time to create memories.  What if we used our memory making opportunities to serve another?

Last summer Mondays in our home became Mission Mondays.  This summer we are once again turning Mondays into service days.  We are creating memories that revolve around the needs of others.

Here are a few ideas we are working on this summer.

  1. Lemon-Aide Stand– – What kid doesn’t love to host a lemonade stand?  I love this project through Blood:Water Mission.  For $10 you can order an entire kit full of supplies for setting up your stand.  Or you can print them out for free.  In turn you donate your proceeds to Blood:Water Mission.  “Blood:Water Mission is a grassroots organization that empowers communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.”
    “Summertime – a time to make memories, spend time outdoors, get re-acquainted with friends and neighbors and drink lemonade! This summer, Blood:Water Mission invites you to not only make memories but make a difference, too. Over 320 million Africans lack access to clean, safe water – smart, talented, hopeful people like you can make a BIG difference in the lives of our friends in Africa!
    Build a Lemon:Aid stand in your community to quench the thirst of someone in your neighborhood, as well as someone half-way around the world! Then, donate the profits from your Lemon:Aid stand to Blood:Water Mission and provide your friends in Africa with clean, safe water. “
  2. Baby Care Kits– Assemble baby care kits for CWS.  “In areas of extreme poverty or following a natural disaster, Baby Care Kits help young mothers care for their newborn babies.”  Involve your children in shopping for the supplies.  On the day you assemble the kits, pray over each kit.  Encourage your children to continue praying for the recipients long after you have shipped the kits.
  3. Birthday Bookmarks– I love a birthday party.  Imagine being a homeless child and having no one celebrate your birthday.  This project is great for kids because they understand the importance of feeling special on your own special day.  Bright Blessings is an  organization in Charlotte with this goal : “The goal of Bright Blessings is to bring joy, recognition and support to children and families during difficult and sad times in their lives.   Our two core programs, Bless-A-Birthday and Bless-A-Baby,  raises spirits and boosts confidence for homeless children ages tots to teens, and offers help and hope for babies beginning life amidst the struggles of homelessness.  Each program incorporates education, enrichment and critical-care needs for the children we serve– our commitment is to supporting the whole child.”  A project that is easy to do at home with even the littlest ones is creating bookmarks that Bright Blessings will put in the party bags.  “Every month Bright Blessings volunteers assemble and deliver classroom party packages for more than 100 homeless elementary students who will be celebrating their birthdays. This anonymous program helps ensure the privacy of each student’s living situation among peers. Our volunteers deliver the party supplies, gifts and care packages to school social workers who then take the party packs to appropriate teachers so that the children can enjoy their celebration in class with friends.”
  4. Hospice Meal–  Kids love to help in the kitchen so capitalize on their excitement by blessing someone with a meal.
  5. Deliver popsicles to a homeless shelter
  6. Sponsor a Compassion child.  Or if you have one, write them a special letter.
  7. Have a day of prayer for a cause close to your heart.  Prayer is the biggest impactor of change.
  8. Bake a birthday cake for a Women’s Shelter–  A sweet way to make a woman in need feel special even if for just a moment.
  9. Blessing Bags–  Make bags of necessity for the homeless that you keep in your car.  Hand them out as you have the opportunity.