On Forgiveness and Integrity

Today I share posts I’ve shared on social media this week.

On Forgiveness

The enemy, the accuser, stands to remind us of all our past sins so that we bow down under the weight of shame and guilt. But God, full of full send forgiveness, stands on our behalf and says, “Forgiven. Forgiven because of me. I remember those sins no more.”

The enemy, the great liar and deceiver, stands to bring to mind the hurt that person caused us, what that one stole from us, how that one intentionally inflicted wounds on us. He tells us it’s ok to “forgive but hold onto never forgetting.” But Jesus stretched his arms out for the very ones who literally murdered Him and cried out for the Father to forgive them.

Who am I to hold sins over anyone’s head? If even JESUS didn’t do that, dare I?

Lord, the knowledge of this is overwhelming. May I not stand as judge over anyone and refuse to offer full send forgiveness as you have given to me. When I’m tempted to let the enemy take me back to remembering hurts and telling me I need humans to make it right, may I remember that you gave your blood to set me free. May I walk freely forgiving because I’m freely forgiven. Jesus, make us like you more and more everyday. Amen.

On Integrity

I wish I could remember where I read this thought, but in one of the 100 books I read last year, I came across this idea that a person who practices keeping their word, even to their own self, develops into a person of integrity.

It’s caused me to pay attention to what I tell myself I plan to do. If I plan to write, I need to stick to the promise I made myself. If I said I planned to exercise, I need to hold myself to the promise I made to me and my health.

I’ve watched Steve do this really well over the last 2 years as he’s routinely gone to the gym 3 days a week. If he chose to sleep in, no one would be let down. But he’s keeping his promise to himself to care for his physical health.

Psalm 51:6 reminds me how much God desires we grow into people of integrity ready to receive His wisdom deep inside our hearts. His wisdom leads us toward being a person who does what is “right” even when no one is looking.