No excuses – Go Grow

2 Peter chapter 1 held me captive today. Verse 3 begins with a punch, “His divine power has given you everything required for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.” I read this as, “You have no excuse for why you can’t live a godly life. You have His power!”
Grow on purpose. Sometimes we grow what we don’t want on accident. We allow bad patterns and habits to form, which will grow something. What do you want to grow?
In verse 5-7 Peter instructs us to be intentional in growing goodness, knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, affection, & love.
Why? Because it prevents us from being useless in this world. We were created to have purpose. Too many people live without knowing this.
Don’t forget who you once were and who you are now in Him! Don’t forget you are forgiven IF you’ve asked Jesus to forgive you and surrendered your life to Him.
Prepare for your eternal entry. How do you want to enter Heaven? Verse 11 tells us if we follow these instructions our entry into eternity will be richly supplied. Do you want to limp in or do you want to experience the VIP treatment? The choices we make today impact our eternal living.
I read a commentary in Enduring Word that said this, “Will your entrance into heaven be like that? Will you enter it, save so as by fire, or to receive a reward? Will you come unrecognized and unknown, or be welcomed by scores and hundreds to whom you have been the means of blessing, and who will wait you?” (Meyer)”
Whoa!!! I don’t want to limp in unknown. I want to live today in a way that impacts how I experience my eternal home.
Go read 2 Peter chapter 1 and be blessed!!