Memory Cards – A New Kind Of Fall Tradition


[box] “As long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.” ~ Helen Keller (1880-1968), American author, Political Activist and Lecturer[/box]

With my head in my hands, I sat on the balcony sobbing.  Even the rhythmic sound of the crashing waves was powerless to bring soothing relief.

I tried to put voice to the tormenting feelings.  I knew it didn’t make sense.  I knew it was silly.

He patiently listened to my words, tangled by sobs.  Gently, he touched my hand, “Renee, they are having a great time.  Memories are being made.

In my mind the vacation was a disaster.  It was a first to this particular beach, which I wasn’t fond of.  There was too much traffic, too much noise, too many people, and too much rain.

I expected the trip to look a certain way.   And this didn’t come close to fitting my picture.

I had only my perspective.  What I needed was a perspective shift.  My husband knew that from the kids’ viewpoint, the trip was amazing.  They were coming with a completely different set of expectations.  To them it was perfect.

That trip was 4 years ago.  Today the boys tell us it was their favorite beach trip ever.  They have no idea how I cried on the balcony as they slept for fear we weren’t giving them the memories we wanted to give.  When they share their highlights, I’m amazed that those were the memories that got tucked into the corners and spaces of their hearts and minds.

I realized through that experience that I had spaces in my heart filled with guilt and regret over what wasn’t rather than what was. Not from that trip, but from life in general.

When my boys relayed memories to me from that beach trip, they freed me from my self-inflicted regret.  They simply shared their positive perspective, having no idea of the impact they had on allowing me to let go of my false negative emotions.

Our enemy would love for us to stay in bondage to negative emotions.  Our Redeemer offers abundant life.

Perception affects how a memory is stored in each of our hearts.  Through one simple act, we could potentially release someone from negative emotions that could be holding them down.

What if something as simple as sharing a sweet memory with someone could have the power to release the hurt hiding in their soul?

You see we have no idea how memories recorded in our own hearts are recorded in the hearts of someone else.  Maybe they focused on what wasn’t instead of what was and recorded something entirely different than we recorded.   Maybe it could offer an unspoken forgiveness they secretly desire.

As summer transcends to fall, a fresh start beckons us.  This season I want to start a new fall tradition.  One that can bring a smile to a withered heart.  One that can release guilt trapped in the dark crevices of the soul.  One that can bring a chuckle forth.  One that can lighten the heart, if only for that moment.

Would you join me?

Don’t think too long and hard or too deep and profound.  Simply write 3 memories.  Then write a note to 3 people who share that memory with you.

Some memory cards will bring freedom from pain.  Some memory cards will bring laughter to the light.  Some memory cards will simply remind someone they are loved and thought of in that moment.

Our perspective of a memory is powerful to the heart and soul of another.  Let’s share our joy.  Let’s share what was for us.  It could be just what they need to lose their focus on what wasn’t for them.


[box] 1 Thessalonians 4:18 NIV “Therefore encourage one another with these words.”[/box]


Would a $50 gift card kickstart summer for you?

As a grand opening of sorts for Barefoot Walks, I will be giving away a $50 American Express gift card to a lucky commenter.  Use it to bless someone in your life, use it for a family vacation or outing, use it however you desire.

What is Barefoot Walks you ask?  Step on over to the menu pages at the top of the page to read About Me, Why Barefoot Walks, and Traditions.

Barefoot Walks is all about the journey to create moments, memories, experiences, and traditions with your family.  It’s about recognizing the moments that are right before our eyes.  It’s reaching out and grabbing them before they slip away.  It is a journey, a walk, we can take together to inspire and encourage one another.  It’s a step at a time.

This walk is not just for those of us in the child rearing stage of life or just those of us with children.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles, empty nesters, we want you to take this walk with us.  This stroll is for anyone who desires to create moments, create memories, capture hearts, and invest in the lives of the ones they love.  When you invest this time, you are providing security, stability, acceptance, and strength to the individual, which they will carry on to their own families one day.

Barefoot Walks is an attempt to help you (and me) focus on the joy in the moments we are given.  Focusing on the simple things, the beautiful things this life has to offer.  Joy is all around us.  Joy is a choice.  Even when life looks messy, beauty is there, waiting to be discovered beneath the mess, dusted off, and beheld.  You will be my accountability partner.  I promise to be genuine, truthful, and authentic with you.  I can’t write from the heart if I’m not living it out.  I fail time after time.  I mess up constantly.  Thankfully, there is grace and mercy from our Heavenly Father.  And though I feel unworthy and ill-equipped to write or to inspire, the Lord has laid it on my heart.

Through Barefoot Walks I hope to encourage you in your quest to spend time with your loved ones.  Therefore, I vow not to post something that will take you 30 minutes to read.  I will not fill your inbox with more resources than you have time to muddle through.  I want you living, experiencing, creating, loving, and making the most of every single moment our Lord gives us.  I will try not to post more than twice a week, unless you beg for more of  course 🙂

My prayer is that my blog will not become a distraction to your moments.

So, let’s take a little barefoot walk together, shall we?  Each step along  our walk leaves a footprint.  Our footprints create a path to a legacy.  When we reach our destination, we can look back on the richness of the moments in our past with a sense of peace and satisfaction rather than regrets and sadness.

It’s never too late to start your barefoot walk.  Let me repeat:  It is never too late.  Even if you have adult children.  Even if you have grandkids.  It doesn’t matter.  We all have moments in our life to behold.  We all have people who love us and we love back.

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