My response to Dave Ramsey’s Waffle House Advice

I was speechless after I watched clips of Dave Ramsey speaking at Elevation Church. I’m never shocked by what I hear from the stage of Elevation anymore, but Dave surprised me. I shouldn’t be so easily surprised.

Click here to watch the clip

I disagree with Dave’s contempt towards leaving a gospel tract. There is no better way to “drip the Holy Spirit” than to literally share the message of the cross. To communicate that dropping a few “Benjamins” is better than dropping the message of salvation is utterly jaw dropping.

$300-$400 isn’t going to change anyone’s life in the long run. Yes, for the day, the week, or the month. But how about for eternity?

“You’ve changed her net worth,” he tells the audience. Changing net worth is not comparable to changing someone’s eternal address.

A few years ago Zachary and I had a Waffle House experience. I’ll never forget it. I wish I’d been bolder. I’m still growing.

When Waffle House Became Our Mission Field 

Lord, Open our eyes to those around us who need salvation. Give us words and boldness. Give us the desire to speak the truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.