Think carefully about your ways

Imagine hearing these words and phrases from God.

Think carefully about your ways.

I am with you.

Be strong.

Work – For I am with you.

Reflect back.

Consider carefully.

Consider it carefully.

Would it give you pause? God speaks in His Word. I love the method Anne Graham Lotz teaches for studying God’s Word in The Daniel Prayer. 

  • Read the Word
  • What does the Word say?
  • What does God’s Word mean?
  • What does God’s Word mean in my life?

Sometimes I read God’s Word, and phrases stand out causing me to bullet journal them. When I go back and read my bullet points, I see a theme or message straight from God’s Word.

The end of a year or season leads many into a time of considering and reflecting. But it’s a healthy practice for a more regular life rhythm.

Last week, I felt a small prompting from God to exit social media. It was a whispered invitation to my soul. In argument to the whisper was a louder voice that called me selfish, unconcerned about God’s Kingdom and a call to bring light to a dark area of the world. That louder voice told me to toughen up, stand and fight, be heard. But the whisper gently invited me to come away.

In the past I spent much too much time wondering which choice was God’s will. I’d spend days debating if I was making the “right” choice. Now I make the decision knowing that both may be in God’s will and He cares more for my obedience and walk with Him along whichever of the choices I make. Rather than debating for days if it was wrong or right to leave social media, I simply left and decided to trust God for the guidance along the exit path. I will wait for Him to tell me if it’s a permanent leave or a temporary. In the meantime, I’ll simply enjoy Him.

As I read the book of Haggai, the words of God ministered to me in this time of limiting social media and internet distractions.

Think carefully about your ways. (1:5, 1:7)

  • Where are my pockets of time disappearing to?
  • What am I filling my mind with through the day?
  • Are my habits and patterns drawing me closer to the Lord? Or are they creating in me distance, irritation, anger?
  • Am I becoming a more fruit-filled person through my current ways?

I am with you. (1:13)

  • God is always with us. Am I remembering this?
  • Am I living at a pace that forgets He is with me?
  • Am I consuming content that leaves me fearful and discouraged, forgetting He is truly here.

Be strong. Be strong. Be strong. (2:4)

  • Is the time I spend online sapping me of strength?
  • Am I believing lies leaving me weak?

Work- For I am with you. (2:4)

  • I can work because He is with me.
  • I can do all He’s called and asked when I am focused on His purposes and filled with His truth.
  • I work better with a buddy. Knowing He is by my side keeps me pushing forward from a state of rest.

Reflect back. (2:15)

  • It’s easy to keep going forward without remembering to look back.
  • Reflecting back reminds me of all He’s done in the past and encourages me He won’t stop now.
  • Looking back generates gratitude and thankfulness.
  • Reflecting back fills me with awe. Awe is missing in our frenetic lives.

Consider carefully. Consider it carefully. (2:18)

  • We started with careful consideration of our choices and path and we end with considering carefully.
  • Filled with truth of who He is, remembering He is with us. Working because He made us strong, reflecting back on who He is and what He’s done. Now we are ready to consider carefully our ways.
  • Do I want to keep marching on the path I’m on or is it time to find a new path?

Now, I encourage you to open your Bible to the book of Haggai. It’s 2 short chapters filled with power for your day.

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