When She Began Seeking Happiness


[box] Luke 19:40 I tell you if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.[/box]

From the moment she began to speak, I hung on every word.  She stood in front of the entire congregation and shared how she had everything in life she ever desired- the beautiful house, loving marriage, healthy & vibrant kids.  She had everything she ever dreamed of.  Yet she was always seeking happiness.  Something was missing despite having it all- or so she thought.

When she closed her time with the grinning nod that says thank you, my instinctual nature took over. I clapped.  How could I not?  Except that the culture of my church is one that is quietly reserved.  I didn’t sit in the pew and contemplate should I clap or should I not. Thoughts never went through my head at all.  This is a theme is it not?  I simply hung on her words and saw Jesus illuminating her.  He was shining right through her to the point you couldn’t help but respond.  Jesus is like that.  He draws a response out of you that you never saw coming.

When you see Jesus, you throw caution to the wind.  When you see Jesus, you suddenly care less about what others think and find yourself falling over your own shoes to follow him.

My husband saved me from embarrassing myself by clapping with me. Many others clapped as well.  I don’t believe they joined in to save me from embarrassment.  The celebration of a life saved was inside of them as well.  In the midst of the clapping, Steve leaned over and whispered, “People don’t normally clap during the service.”

“I’m sorry, that deserved a clap.”  I’m not rebellious.  I just honestly didn’t think.  I responded immediately.

He smiled back, “I agree.”  I knew he did.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday.  The day Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey.  The beginning of the week that led to his crucifixion and resurrection.   Palm Sunday was a day the crowds waved palm branches as the King rode in. The same people praising his name demanded his crucifixion only days later.

As the crowds of disciples cheered, the Pharisees shouted at Jesus to quiet the crowds down, to rebuke them.  Jesus responded in Luke 19:40 “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

Jesus is uncontainable.  We can keep quiet, but he will still be heard and seen.  Our congregation could have withheld our applause, and Jesus would have been seen no less. He is uncontainable.  Creation cries out His glory.

Where do you see Jesus illuminated in your life right now? Where do you see the stones crying out in the moments that form your days?

Lord, you entered into your death knowing what you were facing.  It didn’t surprise you.  You came willingly – to die for your children.  My mind can’t begin to grasp the depth of your love. Let the stones cry out this week.  Loud.  Let everyone see the love that hung on a cross and a life resurrected to carry us into eternity.