Why We Must Celebrate Small Beginnings

whitehouse 1

Zechariah 4:10 “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

“Mommy, when I’m a man, I want a teeny-tiny house.  Because they are so cute.  I don’t like big houses.” 

I smiled as I thought back to the first house Steve and I lived in after getting married.  A little white cottage- so cute, so quaint.  I remember feeling just like Andrew.  How I was drawn that that teeny-tiny house and envisioned sweet moments as we started our new lives as husband and wife.

Less than 6 months later the smallness that once drew us to that house drove us away. What seemed cute and cuddly became suffocating, and we were looking to expand.  Quickly.

But.  In the small moments of that teeny, little cottage, we created the beginnings of a beautiful life together.  In the smallness, we were forced to be together.  It was basically one room, we were always together.  In the small we learned to communicate really well.  In the small we learned to celebrate simply.  In the small we placed our trust in Christ and began new lives together in Him.  A lot happened in our small beginnings.

Sometimes I look back and wish I had celebrated the small a little bit longer.  I wish I had not followed the ways of the world to wanting bigger faster.  There’s always room for a second chance.  Our lives are full of small beginnings.

For those of us who want to see God grow something new in us, we can celebrate the small beginnings.  I want more patience with my kids. I can’t snap my fingers and become the patient person I strive to be.  I ask God, and he is faithful to give me lots of practice.  And he rejoices to see the work begin.   Therefore, I pray He gives me a heart like His that rejoices to see the work begin.  A heart that celebrates small beginnings.

Where do you see small beginnings in your life right now?