When You Are In Need of a Simple Smile


A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

After days and days of rain, we are in the land of sunshine now. I forget how grateful I am for simple pleasures until they are removed.

It’s been weeks since I’ve gone for a run. Partly because of the weather, partly because I’ve had too much on the calendar that seemed more important. But every time I run, I remember that I should make it a priority. I just feel happier afterwards.

The last several weeks the Lord has been pressing into me strongly. He’s been speaking loudly, and my heart has been bursting with an assortment of emotions.

Passions He’s placed in me are brimming. He’s calling me in areas of my ministry that He hasn’t before. And I’m walking, I’m following, I believe I’m obeying. At least at this moment.

There are things He is illuminating that usher into my heart a heaviness mixed with a deeper devotion and passion to serve Him.

When I set pace on my run, it was with a sense of burden, a desire to pray the entire run. I often have great intentions to pray the entire run, then my mind takes flight with my feet. Today was no exception. I started in prayer, but then the oddest things began to happen.

Every person I passed smiled at me like they knew me. The first couple of times, I brushed it off thinking it is just the sunshine. I mean when you are cooped up for 7-10 days and the Lord brings sun, the world is a happier place no doubt.

I met those smiling faces with a matching smile.

And my heart felt happy.

I got to the turn around and headed back. I lifted my head in time to catch the expressions of 2 elderly walking their dog. They BOTH were gazing at me with this smile that went beyond happy. Almost eery. As in I began asking the Lord if I had entered the twilight zone or was I dead and didn’t know it because all these people were just randomly smiling at me. Did these people know something I didn’t???

I passed another runner about 1 minute later. I had on no sunglasses and the sun was blinding, so I couldn’t see her face until she passed me.

And she was smiling at me too. I met her smiling face with a matching smile.

And my heart felt happy.

I started up the last of the big hills before nearing my home. I passed 2 more people. And yes, you are good….they were smiling too.

Now, I live in a super friendly community. Super friendly. It is not odd that people smile here. It was odd how they were smiling. It wasn’t just a little half smile to say hello. It was a really happy, fill up your face kind of smile, with eyes that really looked at me.

I met their smiling faces with a matching smile.

And my heart felt happy.

I got to the crosswalk, all lanes stopped. I looked up and someone in their car was smiling. This smile made my smile the biggest yet. It was such a genuine smile that I honestly couldn’t help but match that kind of smile.

And my heart felt happy.

And then I got it.

Yes, Lord, you are in the little moments of my day. My feet hit the ground running, with a heavy heart in need of a smile. And you were certain to bring me so many smiles that it was impossible for me to miss each one. And when I smiled back, my heart felt happy.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a smile. Thank you for the person willing to deliver the smile. Thank you for intersecting my ordinary day to bring me exactly what I need.

Today, let us smile at strangers like we really know them. May they be blessed by a smile and their hearts feel happy.

The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; Numbers 6:25

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