7 Symptoms of a Distracted Life and How To Break Free

“Mom! What are you doing? This isn’t a road!!!” “Oh my goodness! What have I done??” I hit the brakes hard darting my eyes swiftly to see how many people were watching me at this most embarrassing moment. Leaving a soccer game many years ago when my boys were still in booster seats and car […]

How to live fearless in a terrifying world

For an audio recording of today’s post, click here. It’s been almost a year since our family moved across the country from North Carolina to Nebraska. I’m amazed how fast a year can move. This very weekend a year ago I was preparing to speak at a women’s retreat. This very weekend a year ago […]

audio devotional

How Remembering Can Change Everything In Your Life

To listen to today’s post, click this link “Such reminiscence can be healthier than you think. Despite nostalgia’s bittersweet rap and the oft-heard advice to live in the moment, studies suggest that the occasional detour down memory lane can give your spirits a significant lift. Thinking of good memories for just 20 minutes a day […]

Bloom Where Planted, But Wait For The Right Season

The tree boasted in its full blooms, having crossed over from white buds to pink blossoms. Standing tall and proud against the Carolina blue sky, it let the world know it was moving from winter to spring. No more waiting. The time was the present. The tree had the support of its neighboring flowers and […]

Do You Fear or Trust When the Road is Scary?

“Guys, start praying. Now!” Though my husband said these words, I’m confident each of us in that car prayed vehemently on our own before he uttered a word. The situation wasn’t one that left an option other than to pray for God’s hand of protection and guidance. The silence in the car was loud. I […]

Parents – If you can’t put your phone down, why would your kids?

For the audio version of today’s post, click play. I began writing on the dangers I saw regarding the electronic addiction plaguing our children a few years ago. The first post I wrote on this issue looked from my perspective as a mom wanting to cherish real life rather than watching life slip away lived with […]