Be Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready

I heard a story on a podcast last year that impacted me deeply. Imagine calling home to your mom to tell her you’d met the boy of your dreams only to hear words back that left you speechless. “Honey, he’s not looking for a girl like you.” What if those ‘truth in love’ words were the words you desperately needed to hear to wake up and see clearly about the path you were dangerously walking?
Today I’m sharing this story that impacted me, and I hope it inspires you the way it did me. Join me for the full post.

My Favorite Parental Controls For Kids’ Screens and Devices

It’s a new year and many of your kiddos received iPads, smartphones, computers, or other electronic devices. You are now wondering how in the world to set up parental controls and keep your kids safe. Today I’m sharing my favorite resource to date. Join me for today’s post.

Never Night Again

Can you imagine a world with no need for the sun or the moon? Our human brains find this impossible, but the Bible tells us it’s coming. Hop over for a dose of encouragement today.

Safe Watch and Phone Devices for Kids – 50% off

You know I’m passionate about protecting our kids online and from screen addiction. I only share what I love and use in our own family. Today I’m sharing a sale for safe devices that are 50% off right now. Grab yours while supplies last. Join me for a few reasons I love Gabb. My promo code is RENEEROBINSON to snag 50% off.

Christmas Book List

I love to kick off the Christmas season with a strong stack of Christmas books. I’m sharing a list of some of my favorites, which include a few family read-alouds and Audible favorites. Even if you aren’t a reader, a few of these books may just make a reader out of you yet.

Join me for today’s reading post.

When your situation seems impossible

Sometimes a situation seems to have no solution. Maybe you can’t see a way out. Maybe you feel at a loss for how or what to pray even. I hope today’s post encourages you. I am in the middle of a situation that caused me to sob to the Lord. The only words I had for Him were His name. Join me for today’s post.