3 keys to keeping hope alive

The thoughts we allow our minds to ruminate on direct our feelings and actions. As I was reading my Bible, I found 3 keys to taking charge of my thoughts in order to rekindle hope and restore peace.

Don’t Flee – Stay

We’ve all been in that place of asking God for direction. What do we do? Where do we go? How often are we asking Him, yet we know exactly what we plan to do and where we plan to go? We just want Him to validate our own plans. When times are trying, or fears are high, we are even more tempted to run. To find a place where life feels easier. Jeremiah 42 has become one of my favorite passages. Join me for a closer look at God’s answer to His people when they asked for His direction.

Before you solve your problem – Wait

My nature is to problem solve. I’m a fixer and a doer. Recently, I’ve been reminded how my nature, if not tended well,  can hinder the work of God.

We had a situation that needed a solution. We knew the logical solution, but realized if we slowed down, we could invite God into the problem and watch Him work.

Rather than wait with anxiety, I found myself waiting with excitement for God’s answer.

4 Day Golf and Hiking Arizona Itinerary

We often gift a family vacation rather than Christmas gifts to our kids. Sometimes the trips happen right away. Other times they are delayed. On Christmas morning 2020, we wrapped a few clue gifts for our kids to unwrap. We wrapped a cactus, a small toy airplane, and other small hints. Eventually they guessed we […]

Midwest 7 Day Road Trip Itinerary – Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota

We love to travel as a family. We are on a mission to see all the states with our kids. Taking road trips through several states helps us reach our goal. In 2019 we took a trip through 3 midwest states. I would say it is one of our favorites, but we say that about every trip we take. Today I’m sharing our 7 day itinerary including where we stayed and ate and played! Enjoy 🙂

What is your go-to weapon when attacked?

There’s nothing quite like settling into a quiet moment, feeling completely safe only to watch in horror as your nightmare crawls right out of the blanket ON YOUR LAP. I’m not sure about you, but I tend to panic, overreact, or simply freeze in these types of moments. On this particular day, I needed to choose my weapon wisely as I realized my window of time would slip quickly away. That spider had to die.

As I tried to settle down after my fierce spider battle, God showed me how I needed to arm myself and stay ready in my daily battles. Join me for today’s full post.