A Safe Smart Watch For Kids

We’ve been a happy Gabb Wireless family for a couple of years now. Two of our three sons had/has a Gabb phone. When our middle son was nearly 16, we allowed him to transition to an iPhone. Honestly, I miss the Gabb for him as much as I knew I would. Andrew lost his phone […]

Family Movies in the Teen Years

One of our favorite family activities are movie nights. When we bought our home in Nebraska, the room that sealed the deal was the theater room. When they were younger, they’d watch anything we put on. We did lots of christian movies, the really cheesy ones even, and they loved them. However, once they are […]

Witchcraft in the church

It’s not uncommon to see straight up witchcraft practiced in the church today. Satan masquerades like an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14) Jeremiah 23 has a strong word against false prophets. Context: there were prophets and priests misleading the people. God sent Jeremiah to call them out for inventing their own messages that did […]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

I thought it would be fun to share a recipe with you today. It’s different than my normal posts, but I slightly miss the days when I blogged some randomness now and then. Also, I’m on a bit of a cooking streak. When it hits, it hits. Andrew commented, “I love it when you are […]

When your teenager sees the power of prayer

Backstory: Zachary is doing high school through Liberty University Online Academy. To say it’s an adjustment is an understatement. High school math online is crazy hard. He’s been struggling through it, several weeks behind, secured a tutor for one week to get unstuck. And then I basically gave him permission to fail the test and […]

Giving the Holy Spirit space to work in my child’s life

I took a walk and prayed, “God, fill me with your Spirit. I’m losing strength. Use me as an instrument of your grace in my children’s lives.” I love that phrase Paul Tripp uses, instrument of grace. Parenting is refining. Homeschool is next level refining. Nothing I’ve ever done has exposed my need for Jesus […]