A Book List of 100 Books Across Several Genres

About once a year I write a post listing the books I’ve read since the last book post. If you are new here, today’s post is not the normal post, so don’t leave if you aren’t a book lover. For those of you who love to read, you don’t want to miss this list. I know most bloggers will list their top 10, but I simply couldn’t do that. I read 103 books this year and there is no way I could leave any out. This post is long but I feel the list is worth it. It was an incredible year of reading. I don’t plan to read 100 books this year, but I sure am grateful for the growth I’ve experienced from the books that have shaped me.

I shared more in depth thoughts, reviews and quotes through the year on social media as I finished the books. This year I plan to be more active on Goodreads sharing reviews, so I invite you to follow me there.

Trusting God with a perfectly failed plan

Of all this year challenged me with, the one that stands out most is the thought of how much I actually trust God. When circumstances make zero sense or simply don’t follow the plan I hoped for, how quick am I to reach toward frustration? This year exposed the impatience which dwells in me. The […]

Goals + Reading Goals + 100 Books That Changed Me

Have you ever worked towards a goal only to reach it and find yourself shocked you actually did it? That is me right now. Audacious Goals I set a goal at the end of 2019 to read one hundred books in 2020. The most I’ve ever read in a year is thirty books. Why did […]

Think carefully about your ways

Imagine hearing these words and phrases from God. Think carefully about your ways. I am with you. Be strong. Work – For I am with you. Reflect back. Consider carefully. Consider it carefully. Would it give you pause? God speaks in His Word. I love the method Anne Graham Lotz teaches for studying God’s Word […]

When you are tired of waiting, wait for it……

Lord, how long? If we are honest with ourselves, we’ve all asked this question. Lord, I’ve been praying about this situation for years. How long must I wait to see an answer?  Lord, our world feels it is spinning out of control. How long must we wait to see your response to our moans? Lord, […]

A truly safe phone for kids – 24 hour deal

Once you open the door to smartphones, it’s hard to close it. Once the door is opened, you begin the process of continually learning no amount of restrictions and monitoring are effective in truly keeping our kids safe. As I’ve shared before, we’ve tried dumbed down smartphones, flip phones, iPods, and have found none to […]