Graduates forget doing big things, go do small things instead.

A common sentiment offered to graduates is to go change the world. You are going to do great big things. Well, some will, but some won’t. A verse came to mind from Zechariah 4:10 instructing the people not to despise the days of small things. I spent some time considering how we can encourage our graduates to change the world by becoming a person who knows how to do small things faithfully. Join me for some encouragement from God’s Word and a list we can use to inspire the graduates in our lives.

Life Update

In the last year, I’ve only written eight times. That’s less than I’ve penned in the last 15 years of my life by a long shot. I’ve long accepted the seasonality of life – the opening and closing of time and talent. Despite my acceptance, I continue to wrestle with the want. I want to […]

The secret to becoming younger inside despite aging outside

On a recent ski trip with my family, I had one of those pivotal moment experiences. The kind that makes you look at your life and decide you will do whatever it takes to make a change. After only a short half day of skiing, my quads tapped out. To be fair to my screaming […]

Why you can relax about politics, culture, and evil in the world

After the 2008 election, we attended a church service where the pastor preached a sermon about how regardless of who wins elections, God remains on the throne. With our lips, we declare God is sovereign, but watch our actions and attitudes when our candidates lose elections. Our belief statements often misalign with our attitudes. Fast […]

Where’s Your Focus Today?

My dear friend and spiritual mentor sends a daily Bible verse to a group of people. It’s the one email I open every single day. This morning she sent a verse that is commonplace to anyone who has spent much time in God’s Word. The temptation when we read familiar verses is to pridefully skim. […]

Grab a free phone or watch for your kid or young teen!!

I love when Gabb Wireless offers promotions, which they do quite often. However, I’ve never seen them offer one like they have available right now. A free phone or watch for new lines!! 

When: July 27th at 12:01AM – July 29th at 11:59PM
What: Free Gabb Phones and Gabb Watches (excludes Gabb Phone Plus)
For Who: Every kid K-12 in need of a safe device this school year
$30 new line activation fee
Monthly service plan
Can only be used for new lines, no upgrades
Excludes the Gabb Phone Plus