The possible missing link connecting your desire to your reality

Do you ever find you have desires that seem slow to become a reality if they ever do? Enough experiences like that can stop us from continuing to try. Fears of failure begin to take root even. I’ve found in my life there’s something else to discover. A missing piece to the puzzle connecting the desires I have with the reality I experience. If I want different results, maybe it’s time to take different steps? Join me for today’s post.

Be Very Careful the Words You Speak – It’s Life and Death

Did you know that the words we speak with our mouths hold an enormous amount of power to shape lives and create destiny? So often words fly out of our mouths with little thought to the weight they carry forward. God tends to speak to me in themes. I’ve learned to lean in and trust this process. Currently, the theme is the power of our words and our thoughts.

Today I share a couple of stories. One a personal story. The others were passed to me as a listener. The stories I share I’ll never forget and I tell them often to others.

Join me for the full post.

Here’s how you can simply abide in Him – and a free gift for you

Hey, I have a free gift for you today. And a reminder about how you can learn to abide in Him.

My Thoughts on a New York Times article Raising Children Without the Concept of Sin

You know when you read a sentence you can’t get off your mind. It stops you right where you are and demands your immediate attention. Well, that’s what happened to me when I read an article in The New York Times, which, by the way, I never read.

Join me for the rest of today’s post where I share my thoughts on this piece.

When God told us to open our eyes

We have watched God heal in our family time and time again. Some healing occurs instantly, some over time. Are you praying for healing now? Don’t lose hope. Stand on His Word and keep petitioning Then open your eyes and watch His Work.

Breaking & building habits – Word before the worLd

I listened to a sermon series by Craig Groeschel titled Habits. He shared that by Valentine’s Day, 92% of people have quit their New Year’s goals and resolutions.

I believe it. I’m one of the 92% on any given year to be sure.

Apparently, I live and write in themes. You know that about me by now I think. I guess it’s the only way God gets through my stubborn head. Just pounds it in until I finally wake up.

I took a close look at a “good” habit of mine gone bad. On the surface you wouldn’t see anything. But I knew. And God knew.

Join me on the blog for the full post. Maybe you need a little kick in the pants prior to Valentine’s Day to stay the course with keeping your habits and goals and the path you desire.