A Letter To My Son – When Life is Tough

“Hey, Mom, can we talk?” “Hey, Mom, I have to talk to you about some stuff.” “Hey, Mom, wanna chat tonight?” I hear this daily from one of my children.  I have another child who just talks when he needs to talk.  But one feels the need to let me know he needs my attention. […]

The Struggle With Struggle

Photo courtesy of Dave Dunford “I can’t do it.  It’s too hard!” “Yes you can do it.  You are a big boy.  You can get your pajamas on all by yourself.” I could hear the cries reverberating down the hallway as my husband worked with our 3-year-old in an effort to help our son gain […]

How to Organize All Your Kids Stuff

The beginning of a new school year allows a little more time for us to get our homes in order. Here is a system we use for organizing some of the kids’ items that works well for us. When we deal with the clutter in our homes, our minds can focus a little bit better. […]

When Life Takes A Hard Turn

************Today’s post is a guest post from a friend of mine, Kathryn Jackson, from Atlanta.  No introduction I can write is adequate to capture the beauty of her soul.  I first met Kathryn through mutual friends.  We were planning to homeschool our children, we had 2 toddlers and were done having kids.  Until God brought the […]

The Cycle of Life

3 years ago we drove our oldest son to his first day of kindergarten.  I cried for weeks leading up to that day and wondered how I would manage on his big day.  As we were leaving our neighborhood that morning, I heard a mom shout, “Freedom!” as her child entered the doors of the bus.  […]

7 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

Summer is coming to a close and a new chapter is waiting to begin.  For some, summer is not over until the calendar says so, which is around September 21st.  For others, the end of summer is made official Labor Day weekend.  And for others the end of summer is when the kids go back to […]