Filling Our Treasuries

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Psalm 117:2 “For great is his love toward us and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord”

There are moments that become etched into our souls for no obvious, apparent reason.  They find the spots that have remained a blank canvas.  What causes the ordinary moments to find that canvas inside of us?  Not the big moments, those are obvious.  But the ordinary ones.  The ones that don’t stand out for any reason in particular.

My 5-year-old’s eyes found that spot recently and painted a picture that will remain forever chiseled in my memory.  Those shiny blue eyes that whistle a carefree tune because the world is always bright through his eyes right now.  Those eyes grabbed me in a particular moment with the magnetic pull of his twinkling blues. Suddenly, I wanted to remember every detail of those eyes in that very moment.  I wanted to remember the way they danced in the sunlight on that exact day, in that exact spot.

With each lick of his vanilla coated spoon, I watched his eyes dance.  As he chewed hard those candy toppings, I listened to each smack.  His eyes told the story his mouth was too frozen to tell.

I soaked in all of him in that moment.  Praying hard to remember those chubby hands and how they gripped the spoon.  Listening on the edge of my seat as if on a first date.  Answering all the questions about what makes the ice cream come out of the machine, what are the lines on the ceiling for, where is the music coming from….is there a real person singing somewhere or is it coming from the mouth of the stuffed frog on the shelf.

I cherished every ounce of him in that moment.  Because I know soon a moment will come when I don’t have these kind of moments.  My moments will look different.  And I will miss these moments.

These are the moments that paint pictures into my soul.  These are the moments that will comfort my heart when seasons change.  These are the moments that are fleeting, so I cherish them.  These are the moments that form parts of our story.  I want each moment to count. These are the moments that are gifts from God, so I store them up and treasure them.  They remind me of His love and His faithfulness.

I want to build a storehouse in my heart.  I want a treasury  filled with these kind of moments. The small moments.  The ordinary moments.

I passed a church sign that read “A large heart can be filled with lots of small things.”  I want a large heart filled with all the moments that feel so small.  An accumulation of small moments can burst a heart wide open.

I sat down to write a post to link up to Holley Gerth’s link up with a writing prompt of “No matter what happens, you’re going to be ok because….”  But when I started writing, the sentence became ‘No matter what happens I’m going to be ok because.’  I needed to write this reminder to me.

But it holds true for you too.  It’s true for all of us.  No matter what happens, you and I are going to be ok because we have a choice with how we  fill the treasuries of our heart with the moments that paint a beautiful canvas for our soul.  We are going to be ok because we can choose to be fully present for the beauty of life in every moment we have, even the tiny specks of life.  We are going to be ok because we can choose to slow down, to say no, to savor and soak and linger.  We are going to be ok because the moments are endless and we have a choice in how we respond to them.

We are going to be ok even when we don’t believe it.  Our heart’s storehouse will remind us of all the ways He’s loved us and been faithful to us.

If you have rushed through these moments, don’t let the enemy bury you in regrets.  Each moment is new and fresh for the taking.  Each moment unfolds a new page to be written.

Treasure up these things in your heart today.  Build a storehouse.  Fill it brimming full, pushed down and poured out full of the little moments, the little beauties, the twinkling blues, and the candy smacks.  Fill it full of life lived fully, intentionally, and distraction-free.  And no matter what comes our way or how our seasons will change, our treasury will remind us we are loved and we are cherished.  Our treasury is proof of His love for us.

 Linking up with Holley Gerth on Wednesday.  Holley’s words always speak to my heart, and I’m sure they will speak to yours as well.  If you’ve never read Holley, I encourage you to go now.  You will love what you discover.



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