If I release this to God, will I ever get it back?

Clinging to what I treasure When Andrew was a baby, his “boppy” held the position of his most prized possession. A satin trimmed polyester blanket passed down from Jacob. Boppy went everywhere with Andrew, especially into his mouth as he sucked his thumb to fall asleep. Persuading Andrew to release his grip on boppy in […]

The Christmas Collection

I sat to write a post today when I realized I’ve written little this Christmas season. Some years go that way. But I realized, I have many words stored up I needed to remind myself of. It’s a good practice to reflect and remember. I’m hoping you will reflect with me today as we look back at some favorite Christmas posts from the past.

In this best of post, you will find the following themes:

Ideas for serving others during the Christmas season.
A sweet tradition of writing a letter to your child each Christmas, tucking it in the tree for Christmas morning.
How to overcome Christmas anxiety.
When the season doesn’t line up to your expectations.
Lists of non-toy, non-material, non-clutter gift ideas. Experiences and memories. Gifts that keep giving, don’t break the bank or clutter your home and life.
Letting go of Christmas comparison.
Why it’s ok to have an incomplete Christmas.
How we can hold onto that Christmas cheer all year.

How to control screens in your home so they don’t control your family

The interest in topics of screen use and screen addiction hasn’t died down from when I first started writing about it in 2014. More and more parents are asking for help. In this post I share 2 things to consider as well as ideas your family can implement beginning today. If your kids are still young, perfect! But if you are far down the path, it’s never too late to make adjustments in order to create the family connections you desire most. Join me for today’s full post.

The gift of peace and rest

Today is a big day in our home. It’s Andrew’s 10th birthday. And it’s the last day to save 10% plus receive free shipping in my shop! Read the rest of today’s post….

How This Could Be Your Best Gift + A Sale

For many of us the first thing we reach for in the morning is the phone. God offers to illuminate our day and path, but we choose the illumination of the screen. Something creeps in when we begin our day in the world before the Word.

Many of us struggle to give God the first of our day. We want to start a habit of morning prayer and Bible reading. Our intentions are good, but the distractions win.

I have something that may help you. And it could be the best gift you can give a friend or loved one this Christmas season. Plus I have a sale you don’t want to miss. So join me for today’s post.

God dares us to test Him in this. Are you willing?

There’s a passage of scripture where God invites us to test Him. It’s the only place we are given permission to test God. I read this as a dare from God. And the one thing I know for certain about God is that He stands faithful to His Word. He can’t lie and He will never fail us.
We are entering a season of commercialism, materialism, and temptation to overextend and overspend.
I’m entering a season of simplifying as God invites our family into going “all in” with Him. Join me for the rest of today’s post where I share a story of how we’ve seen God move in just the last week alone.