Help For Parents of Strong-Willed Children


Strong will is a gift that can look as ugly as it can beautiful.

I have 3 boys. I thought each was strong-willed until Andrew showed me what strong-willed really means. Outsiders love to label him as the “baby” and make snap judgements on our parenting based on glimpses they may see. But we know the truth. The boy has a strong will! We have to parent him differently because of this. And this is reason for celebration. If we make it through these years!

I have read a lot of resources on strong-willed children, but I have found my favorite.  I love a book that is super practical. I can take my notes and apply immediately. This is that type of book. And it actually works!

Cynthia Tobias knows what she is talking about! If you have one of these darlings, do yourself a favor and buy this book immediately. It could be the key to unlocking your strong-willed child’s heart and making way for a beautiful relationship.

Here are some of my favorites from her book:

Page 43- “Choose your battles. Don’t make everything nonnegotiable.  We know you can’t be the boss of everything, so we may decide to prove you’re not the boss of anything.”

Page 46 – “But one thing has the potential to turn conflict into cooperation more often than you ever thought possible: a sense of humor. Lighten up, but don’t let up.”

Page 48 – “Questions that can destroy relationships…Why did you do that? When are you going to learn? Why can’t you just do what you’re told? What were you thinking? What’s the matter with you?”

Page 57 – “Don’t rant and rave and ask what lesson we have learned and shake your finger at us. Just write the ticket. Let me sign my name, pay my fine, and go calmly on with my life.”

Page 61- “We’re looking for a lot less talk and a little more action on your part. Just stay calm and firm.”

I read a ton of non-fiction, christian living/parenting books. This is one of my favorites. I love a book that I can put into practice immediately.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy those strong-willed littles….or bigs!

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